Angel & Spirit Guide Channeling

Personal Messages channeled from the angels or spirit guides working with you!


Angel & Spirit Guide ChannelingThese are excellent readings for times when you need to see the bigger picture, have important questions you need guidance on for things happening in your life, relationship, career, and more.

These readings are also helpful if you want to know more about yourself, your life purpose, and to find out who the angels and higher beings are that are working with you.

These messages have deeply touched and changed the lives of thousands of people through the United States and various other nations.

Rev. Ana Jones has worked with the angels for over 30 years.
Each experience is truly unique and awe inspiring.

This session includes a free long distance call during the session.
(Ana calls you if you are within the USA; International calls must be done through Skype or you call her.)

Includes mp3/mp4 recording emailed to you.

$195 for 70-90 minute session

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