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Shift Happens

The first law of thermodynamics states that “everything is made of energy that can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed from one form into another." Particle physics has proven that all that we are and all that is around us is made of Read More


No Change = No Life

In the 1960’s President John F. Kennedy reminded the nation of a universal truth that applies to all life on earth. He eloquently stated that “the one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is unchangeable or certain.” Since it is clear to all that Read More


Sustainable Abundance

Creating sustainable abundance requires us to consciously co-create with the universal laws, courageously facing fear and embracing transformation. Fear only polarizes our minds and closes our hearts to the flow of abundance. Read More

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Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Mantra Manifestation Meditation

Simple yet powerful, ancient meditation practices to manifest greater health, wealth, and wisdom in your life. Read More


Healing the Inner Child

Healing Your Inner Child is some of the most important healing that all of us need to do. By Healing The Inner Child you can Remember Your Heart’s True Dream. This Audio Class (available in mp3 download and CD shipped to you) goes into Deep Read More


Soul Journeys – Guided Meditations for Connecting with Your Angels and Spirit Guides

Each Soul Journey guided meditation helps you communicate with your higher guidance for useful and practical insight into your daily life. Read More


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Reiki – Energy Healing – Distance Treatments

Reiki can be used to help restore energy levels, heal or ease pain and discomfort, and to reduce stress and tension. It has been reported by clients that it has the ability to clear and balance anxiety, depression, and other emotional imbalances and Read More


Medical Intuitive – Health Reading & Energy Assessments

Each medical intuitive session includes a reading and assessment of your body, your energy fields and your chakra system as well as other wellness information to help guide you on your journey of wellness. Read More


Energy Alchemy: Advanced Chakra Balancing & Healing

In this healing session she facilitates the healing/balancing process by reading and detecting the flow of energy in the body and in your energy anatomy. Then she integrates and applies ancient tried and true “energy medicines” which are known Read More