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Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

In indigenous cultures, ancient or modern, the circles of the sun, moon and planets relative to the earth, as well as cycles of these and other celestial bodies, are considered critical to one’s understanding of life and living.

Future Vision

Future Vision

Albert Einstein once said: “the only real valuable thing is intuition,” and “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Intuition and imagination are absolutely essential elements in our lives. Without imagination we would not be able to create anything, since everything that humankind has ever made has been conceived first in someone’s […]

Earth My Body, Water My Blood

Earth My Body, Water My Blood

The four elements earth, air, fire and water make up everything that exists on this planet. There are sacred songs honoring the four elements that have been in existence since the beginning of human kind. A beautiful chant sung in spiritual circles today has simple lyrics that remind us of a very profound truth. The […]

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Yoga of Living & Dying

The Yoga of Living & Dying

Explore the yoga philosophy and what it teaches us about living a healthy balanced life. Also explore how we are not our bodies and how our life is all a preparation for our ultimate passage to the next life.

Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise

Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Mantra Manifestation Meditation

Simple yet powerful, ancient meditation practices to manifest greater health, wealth, and wisdom in your life.

Soul Journeys

Soul Journeys – Guided Meditations for Connecting with Your Angels and Spirit Guides

Each Soul Journey guided meditation helps you communicate with your higher guidance for useful and practical insight into your daily life.

Suggested Services and Private Sessions with Ana…

Energy Alchemy: Advanced Chakra Balancing & Healing

Advanced Energy Alchemy

In this healing session she facilitates the healing/balancing process by reading and detecting the flow of energy in the body and in your energy anatomy. Then she integrates and applies ancient tried and true “energy medicines” which are known to have a profound effect on your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual well being.

Medical Intuitive – Health Reading & Energy Assessments

Medical Intuitive – Health Reading and Energy Assessments

Each medical intuitive session includes a reading and assessment of your body, your energy fields and your chakra system as well as other wellness information to help guide you on your journey of wellness.

Reiki – Energy Healing – Distance Treatments

Reiki – Distance Healing by Phone & In Person Treatments

Reiki can be used to help restore energy levels, heal or ease pain and discomfort, and to reduce stress and tension. It has been reported by clients that it has the ability to clear and balance anxiety, depression, and other emotional imbalances and distresses.