Medical Intuitive – Health Reading and Energy Assessments

Medical Intuitive – Health Reading & Energy Assessments

In her work as a Medical Intuitive Ana is able to use her gifts as a physical, emotional, environmental and earth Empath, along with her gifts of Clairvoyance, Mediumship, and Clairaudience to gain information in a reading for you regarding health questions, issues, and concerns with a high degree of professionalism. Combining her intuitive ability with her holistic knowledge as a Natural Health Consultant Ana has helped thousands of people on their journey of wellness over the last 30+ years of being a holistic healing facilitator.

Each Medical Intuitive Session includes a reading and assessment of your body, your energy fields and your chakra system as well as other wellness information. Each session also includes a Reiki Energy Healing, and a detailed conversation with her about your overall holistic wellness — including body, mind, emotions, spirit, diet, supplements, natural remedies, and more. The sessions consist of three parts, an in-depth conversation about your questions and concerns, an energy healing/balancing, and a detailed intuitive consultation that is recorded for you.

By Appointment Only. This session includes a free long distance call during the session.

Ana calls you if you are within the USA; International calls must be done through Zoom, Skype or you call her.

In person sessions are also available at her office in Sonoma, CA
Includes mp3/mp4 recording emailed to you.

First Session: $222 for 90 minute session

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