What Other Are Saying About Their Experiences with Ana and Ana’s Work

“Ana is not only very gifted spiritually, but a first class presenter. From a Washington DC viewpoint, I was surprised to discover such quality without a string of degrees behind her name! Such a lovely and giving teacher. I felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity to sit with her individually and attend her events. Personally, working with her was definitely “next step” in my spiritual growth. It is clear that a lot of time, effort, expertise and love go into her work. Her presentations are well put together, and fees are very reasonable. I also admire her greatly at what she has accomplished and manifested in her life. Quite a role model. I wish her and her husband all the best for their continued success.”
Christina Burtis
Washington DC

“The workshop was AMAZING!! Very powerful and enlightening! Loved the variety. Sooo glad I attended! Look forward to more!”
– workshop participant

“There was not one aspect of the day that did not exude love. I saw it in eyes, heard it in voices, felt it in hugs, smelled it in the air and tasted it in the snacks. So sweet!”
– workshop participant

“I learned a great deal in the workshop. Just that eight hour workshop felt as if I was on a relaxing vacation for a week! I am now integrating the Tonglen, meditation and intention exercises in the morning and at bedtime. I now feel less stressed.”
– workshop participant

“I have learned more from you than from anyone else in any other workshop or training that I have ever attended. Thank you so much for helping me understand the energy body in a whole and advanced way.”
– ‘I Am Energy’ Workshop Participant

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the meditation last night. I really felt a nice sense of peace and calm. I thought you did a wonderful job explaining about mantras and I especially liked what you said about The Secret.”
– workshop participant

“The meditation was very powerful, I have been using it daily and it has been very cathartic and healing for me. Thank you so much!”
– workshop participant

“The Health, Wealthy, & Wise Meditation you lead gave me an experience of going deeper into meditation than I have ever gone before. It was blissful”
– workshop participant

“Thank you Ana. I really appreciate your experience, your personal journey, & the clarity with which you share it!”
Beth B.
Waikoloa, Hawaii

“The content of the workshop was wonderful. A great overview of the state of energy knowledge. The space that Ana holds is as always, grounded and expansive at the same time. I am aware of a noticeable shift in my stated intention in the days that have followed. I am truly thankful to have been part of this experience.”
R. George
‘I Am Energy’ Workshop Participant[/contentbox]

“Ana was and is my Reiki Teacher in all senses, back then, now, and always. This workshop was spectacular. I have had many teachings and gone through many workshops over time but this one especially stands out. I could hear Ana’s passion for her topics through the slight shaking of her voice. You don’t get to hear that often. In just 7-8 hours I felt we accomplished what could have taken months or more to learn. It is now some 2 weeks later and I can still hear her voice.

Ana is peaceful, thorough, grounded, extremely well-versed and knowledgeable, caring and humble. She has a way to find the proper words and manners to get a message across. The slide show was a beautiful and power presentation —pristine.

It was all very well organized and therefore, smooth.

I am awaiting for her next trip here. I hear Ana is looking to offer again her tele-workshops and I can’t wait, for it is not easy to find such a caring and knowledgeable person. Ana’s workshops are Food to my Soul. I truly trust Her, and respect Her. I am grateful.”
Karin Serejski, Acupuncturist
Silver Spring, MD USA
Participant of
I Am Energy /Energy Alchemy Workshop

” I was so blessed to be able to attend your Shamanic Journeying workshop in Owings Mills, MD on Nov. 10th! It was my first and I am certain now, not the last time I will use what I learned from you and my experience. You are right, as time goes on I am beginning to integrate the experience more and more each day.”
Robin M.
workshop participant

“I am so glad I had the opportunity to work
with you at your Seminar. It really has started a magical, loving phase in my life.”
A.V. Becket
Massachusettes, USA

“Aloha Ana, I just finished reading your Internet essays on holistic living and enjoyed the beautiful photography. After nearly 70 years of living and 40 years of practicing holistic medicine, I can honestly say your use of the Internet with your Holistic Living Blog may be the best I have seen.”
Kona, Hawaii[/contentbox]

“Dear Ana,
“A few weeks after my life long-actually many lives long- soul mate died, I was given your Soul Journey’s CD by a very special person who my husband had met just before he died when he took part in the Johns Hopkins States of Consciousness research program. Mary, the researcher, enclosed a note with the CD saying that she really liked your voice and found it really easy to travel with you on the meditations. I understood immediately how important the resonance of the voice can be because it has facilitated or impeded my experience with other guided imagery.

I didn’t listen to your CD immediately as many things were happening in the weeks following my husband’s passing when we were all preparing for a ceremony here and the journey to scatter his ashes at Monte Alban, Oaxcaca, in Mexico, the land of his birth. All of our children and grandchildren and a number of close friends traveled together to Oaxaca from various places in the States. It was in Oaxaca, on the night before we scattered his ashes, that I first listened to the Soul Journey CD, as part of a drumming circle and ritual.
It was a beautiful experience for me, that I know , but I can’t now recall many details and I have only a few words as notes from that night. When I returned home, I started to journey with the CD every few days, jotting down notes afterwards of pieces remembered. Eventually, the descriptions became longer, more vividly descriptive, and more sequential. I decided to start to tape record my descriptions instead of write them as the records became more detailed. I went on a week vacation and with more open time and with the intention to stay both grounded and spiritually in touch, I journeyed with the CD everyday. Since I got back home, I have continued to journey frequently.

As the taped notes started to accumulate, I decided to transcribe them. I made notes from the tapes but also decided to keep the tapes because the emotion in my voice carried a recall I couldn’t capture in words. I also wanted to put images with the notes, since the words were only triggers to return to imagery. I am in the process of putting the notes together in a journal and continuing with my journeying-today it will be journey #26.
As I started compiling these notes I began to wonder if the images were uniquely mine or if, as I felt during each journey, that I was a traveler wandering in some other place with an ethereal reality. I wondered if others who journey with this CD find their way to the same place or see with a common symbolic language. While friends have listed to the CD once or twice, I do not know anyone else who has used it regularly, which I see as having had a significant, progressive effect on my experiences. The regular use is helping me to build a symbolic vocabulary, with certain images now repeating enough to call my attention. I decided that what I really want to do is to ask some other people, known and unknown, to use this CD regularly, at least for a while, and record their experiences. I want to then bring all the records together, and hopefully some of the people, and see what common locales and languages emerge as we explore the places we’re traveled to—the commonalities and differences of our safe places in nature, our visions of the portals, the topographies of the lands of our souls, and the messages received.

It’s nice to also let you know how wonderful your CD has been for me personally at this very challenging time.”
Whitney Garcia
Baltimore, MD USA

“Dear Ana, I wanted to thank you again so much for my appointment last night. It was the most beautiful channeling I have ever experienced. I am still basking in that loving and divine energy.  It was truly a meeting with dearest Archangel Metatron. I feel so very blessed with you in my life.”
Jill A.