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Keeping Your Heart Open

In All Ways, At All Time, and Under All Circumstances

Keeping Your Heart Open

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Through social media over the last decade, millions of people from around the world have benefitted from the author’s transmissions of powerful, intimate, and compassionate messages from the Archangel Michael. At last, some of these elevated wisdom teachings are being released through the publication of this long awaited and sought after book.

Every book, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, tells a story. This book is a profound non-fiction story of the heart, and the path of the soul. Every story has a storyteller, and in this book, the author is not the storyteller but the instrument through which the story is being told.

A story of the heart and soul may seem obscure or trivial to some people, but if you read the profound teachings woven into this book with your mind and heart open, you will find yourself having new spiritual realizations. The story told here is one of profound mystery and intrigue, linked to the greatest dramas unfolding in our lives.

Keeping Your Heart Open is an Angelic Master Class that can change your life. You are invited to take Archangel Michael’s invitation and use the wisdom contained herein to go deeper. Below are just a few of the benefits to be learned and applied in your life:

  • Discovering how to Heal, Protect & Keep Your Heart Open even in the Most Difficult of Circumstances
  • Succeeding in Life through a Healthy Balance between Your Mind & Heart
  • Understanding the Multi-dimensional Nature of Your Heart, Required for Living a Life You Love
  • Learning to Protect Yourself by Connecting Rather than Disconnecting
  • Building Relationships by Seeing Yourself & Others through the Eyes of Your Heart
  • Experiencing Love as a Healing Power & Transformational Force
  • Being Present & Living in the Now
  • Realizing your True Identity as a Spirit Soul
  • Trusting in the Great Mystery of Life
  • Allowing Your Heart to Lead
  • Practicing Loving Detachment
  • Learning how Your Inner Light Interacts with Matter
  • Using the Virtues as Tools for Co-Creation
  • Developing Your Spiritual Sight and Your Other Intuitive Spiritual Senses
  • Receiving Angelic Help & Support
  • Discovering how to Mirror and Not Project
  • Transmuting Your Pain and the Fear of Pain
  • Identifying & Accepting Your Personal Power
  • Mastering Your Empathic Ability
  • Discerning how to Feel without Your Emotions Taking Over
  • Keeping Your Heart in Constant Connection with the Heart of the Divine

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Book Length: 256 pages


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