Future Vision

future visionAlbert Einstein once said: “the only real valuable thing is intuition,” and “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Intuition and imagination are absolutely essential elements in our lives. Without imagination we would not be able to create anything, since everything that humankind has ever made has been conceived first in someone’s active imagination. From the words you are now reading, to the clothes you are wearing, and the building you are sitting in…all are products of the imagination. Even a replica is a product of the imagination, since someone’s imagination has to be used to conceive of the idea to duplicate and the “know how” to make the reproduction.
Once something is conceived in a fertile imagination then intuition provides the inner knowing and inner instruction—the what, when, where, and/or why. The two are intricately interlinked and have been used in everything from establishing the scientific process, to the founding of religions and creation of governments, to the way we live our personal lives. In previous times, more holistically oriented cultures highly revered and encouraged intuition and imagination for men, women, and children alike.
Then came the dark ages of human consciousness when the Earth was no longer seen as a living being, and both imagination and intuition were acceptable only for the very few. Both imagination and intuition became greatly feared in the commonplace. Showing too much of either one in public could lead to punishment and in some cases a sentence of death. In today’s modern times we are still emerging from the dark shadows of those fears and the disempowerment that it has brought to us. In our culture there is a gradual healing taking place of the great imbalance that occurred. Many of us have grown up being taught that imagination (excluding intuition) is something that is to be encouraged in children, but only up to a certain age. Intuition (excluding imagination) has been something that is encouraged for women, but again only to a certain degree and nothing beyond that point which has been deemed “culturally acceptable.”
There are at least four generations of people alive today who have been raised to doubt the validity of anything you cannot see, touch, taste, smell, or hear with your five physical senses.  Yet, a large number of “cultural creatives” are now opening a new door, making it possible for fresh frontiers to be discovered. The new frontier of the future is consciousness. In order for us to have major breakthroughs in re-creating our economic systems there must be unparalleled breakthroughs in sustainable technology, art, science, and religion. To have such breakthroughs we have to have vision, and tap into our visionary capabilities. A sustainable future is made possible through the visions we have yet to envision, and the dreams we have yet to dream. Those visions and dreams will not come from our critical minds or physical senses. The future vision required for sustainable abundance is seen through the subtle sight of your intuition and the dream weavings of your active imagination.

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