Angelic Healing Reiki

Angelic Healing Reiki

Angelic Healing Reiki is by far Ana’s most popular and powerful healing session! And yes, it can be done expertly at a distance or in person. This session is excellent for spiritual, psychological, emotional or physical healing. Old traumas and past wounds to your spirit from past lives or traumatic events impacting you inner child from this lifetime can also be focused on during these sessions. These sessions can also be specifically focused on HEART HEALING or anything else that is needed.

This is a combination session of Angelic Healing, Reiki, Energy Healing, Medical Intuition, Intuitive Consulting, Clairaudient Angelic Communication, with her decades of expertise as a master healer.
During each session your personal Angels and Guides are invoked to aid you for whatever your personal healing intention is for the session.
Messages are intuitively received from your body, your chakras, your energy system and your angels during the session which are then shared with you in a detailed and recorded consultation at the end of the session

By Appointment Only. This session includes a free long distance call during the session.

Ana calls you if you are within the USA; International calls must be done through Zoom, Skype or you call her.

In person sessions are also available at her office in Sonoma, CA
Includes mp3/mp4 recording emailed to you.

$222 for 90 minute session (required for first time clients)

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