Two Part Angel and Spirit Guide e-Workshop

Taught by Rev. Ana Jones
Internationally known Master Healer & Clairvoyant Angel Medium

This Angels 101 Online Course includes the entire program described below:

Part #1 – Spirit Guides

Ana Jones will give a detailed presentation with beautiful visual aides about Spirit Guides, & Spiritual Guardians of all natures. The emphasis of this segment will be SPIRIT GUIDES, ASCENDED MASTERS, and other types of spiritual guardians other than angels including the role that these beings play in our lives, and how to discern who Spirit Guides and the Masters working with you are.

Guided ‘Meet Your Spirit Guide’ Meditation Journey
Ana’s guided soul journeys help to guide you into a deep meditative conscious dream like state where you will have the opportunity to communicate directly with your Spirit Guides & Guardians.

*Please Note that the schedule and timing of things listed here may go longer than planned so please give yourself plenty of time.

Part #2 – The Angelic Orders/Choirs

Ana will give an overview introduction to understanding the diversity of The Angelic Realms working with all on Earth Of the including: The Guardian Angels, Archangels, The Virtues, Principalities, Dominions Cherubim, and Seraphim. In addition, she will give tips and techniques for you to better communicate and co-create healing, abundance and blessings in your life through the support of these powerful Guardians. Special attention will be given to the 12 most significant Archangels and learning more about them.

Angelic Transmission
Channeled Message from Archangel Michael
Angelic Message channeled by Ana Jones.
Using her gifts as a clairvoyant medium, an angelic message courier, and her deep connection with The Angels, Rev. Ana will lead an invocation of The Archangels, then she will subsequently go into a very deep meditative trance state and provide a vocal transmission of a message from one of the 12 major Archangels. Questions for this transmission will be asked by Ana directly and will be on the subject of How to Deepen Your Connection with The Realms and Orders of Angels.

What To Plan and Prepare for:

It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and be somewhere private where you can relax for deep meditation, have nearby a pen, and a journal or notebook.
A downloadable video and mp3 audio recordings of each class are included.

No Previous Experience Necessary.
Excellent for Beginners and People working with Angels at all levels!

Registration Info

2 Part Online Course:
$59 for both Part 1 & 2 Combined


  • A downloadable VIDEO and mp3 AUDIO recording of both Part 1 and Part 2 of this online course including the Angelic Transmission of The Archangels.
  • PDF Handouts of a few of the presentation slides included as well.



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Your Online Course Leader:
Master Healer & Master Teacher, Ana Jones

ANA JONES is an internationally known Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master-Teacher, and life-long Clairvoyant Medium. Ana has been developing her expertise in the fields of Holistic Energy Medicine, Intuition, and Spirituality for over 35+ years. She is a multi-gifted modern mystic who has served for many, as a teacher of the teachers and healer of the healers and her peers know her professionally as an insightful visionary and eloquent luminary for holistic living and spiritual enlightenment.

As a healer Ana practices master level, advanced forms of energy healing and is a gifted Natural Health Consultant and Medical Intuitive. She has been a regularly featured guest on talk radio shows, and has been a guest speaker at Holistic Expos, and dozens of churches, bookstores, and healing centers throughout the US. She leads regular classes and workshops on a wide range of subjects pertaining to her vast knowledge of conscious living. She has led dozens of single day and multi-day retreats, soul journeys, and pilgrimages for individuals, couples, and groups large and small.

As an author, Ana’s book on Amazon is ‘The Teachings of Archangel Michael: A Handbook for Humanity.’ In addition, she is the recording artist of numerous audios (CD’s and mp3’s) of lectures, classes, workshops and meditations she has recorded live and in studio. Her greatest outreach is through her work on social media where she hosts several pages including her wildly popular Facebook page entitled ‘Archangel Michael & The Legion of Light’ where her inspirational posts reach half of a million people weekly.