The Teachings of Archangel Michael – A Handbook for Humanity

“I speak this message for all of humanity, for anyone who has the ears to hear it.”
~Archangel Michael

Handbook for Humanity

This Handbook for Humanity contains urgent wisdom teachings from the Archangel Michael, showing us how to improve and balance our relationships for the healing of ourselves and the world.  The messages contained within it enlighten each reader to see the bigger picture and will help us realize just how interconnected we all truly are.

This important book is the discourse of an Archangel — the edited transcription of an ongoing powerful message from Archangel Michel that took place over a 10 month period.  This handbook for all human beings, given in eight parts, was revealed through Rev. Ana Jones in a deep, meditative, conscious trance state during recurring sessions for a radio show in Baltimore, Maryland.

The teachings Michael reveals are universal.  Yet the handbook contains very specific recommendations in regards to prayers, meditations, and ceremonies that can be done to create healthy, whole relationships with Ourselves, Each Other, the Earth, and God.

Included are Archangel Michael’s Wisdom Teachings on:

  • Overcoming our Blocks, Barriers and Obstacles
  • Freeing Ourselves of Harmful Fears
  • Why Our Relationships are Our of Balance & How to Rebalance Them
  • How to Help Our Children & How They Can Help Us
  • How to Live a Spiritually Aware Life in Times of World Transformation
  • Creating Healthy Relationships
  • How we can all Co-Create a World of Peace
  • A Specific Ritual for Balancing the Masculine & Feminine
    (A process which balances our Giving & Receiving)

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The Teachings of Archangel Michael - A Handbook for Humanity

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The Teachings of Archangel Michael - A Handbook for Humanity

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