Archangel Michael and Legion of Light

Archangel Michael and The Legion of Light Study Group – 3

Archangel Michael and Legion of Light



Starting Tuesday June 27th!

Held on the  FOURTH Tuesday of Every Month
for the Next 6 Months!
7:00 pm USA Eastern Time
6:00 pm USA Central Time
5:00 pm USA Mountain Time
4:00 pm USA Pacific Time

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Brand New & Enlightening Monthly Study Group

Held via National/International Tele-Conference Call with Ana Jones,
Internationally known Interfaith Minister, Master Healer, and Clairvoyant Medium.

Here’s Your Chance to Go Deeper on Your Spiritual Path
with the help of Archangel Michael & The Legion of Light

It’s time to move deeper into your Personal and Spiritual Mastery with the Help of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael and the Legion of LightThis is the third 6 month group series that Ana has organized. The first and second group series was so well received that this NEW series of 6 sessions has now been organized, going further into NEW work with wisdom teachings from Archangel Michael.

In this UNIQUE monthly STUDY GROUP you will have the special opportunity to work with Archangel Michael and other members of the Angelic Legion of Light through an in-depth exploration and study of some of the messages and wisdom teachings that these celestial angelic beings of Divine inspiration and intervention have revealed in channeled messages and sacred correspondence through Rev. Ana Jones.

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  • Held via world-wide tele-conference, each group call will be TWO HOURS in length.
  • Every month in advance of each group call you will receive at least one mp3 recording of a previously recorded message from Archangel Michael and/or other Archangels from The Legion of Light. These recordings are directly from Ana’s extensive archive of channeled recordings, some of which have been Angelic Transmissions given over the years on the solstices and equinoxes.
  • In addition, all registered study group members will also receive a typed, full written transcript of that recorded mp3 message.

 During the Study Group Call, Rev. Ana will review the written transcript of the Angelic Message she has chosen for the month with the group and dig deeper into each message, breaking it apart into topics of interest for further study and review. She will help everyone gain deeper insight into each message and explain ways to best work with these inspired teachings. This will help you receive the full activation of light contained within them, and move into the empowerment and mastery that comes with the deep integration of wisdom offered in each message.

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  • Questions will also be taken by Ana from group members in attendance on the live calls.
  • An mp3 recording of each group call will also be made and emailed out to all group members after the call, so live attendance in each group is not required.

Deeply integrating these profound messages from Archangel Michael and others will help you to co-create and manifest your highest vision for your personal destiny and our collective planetary future.

THEN, after the teaching portion, Ana will lead a GUIDED MEDITATION custom designed and written each month, following the Archangel’s channeled instructions for DEEP INTEGRATION of the teachings and light transmission being discussed.

Fee: Only $99 for 6 full months
or $22 for each month individually

(Includes an mp3 recording of at least one channeled Angelic Message from Ana’s archives, a written full transcript of that recording emailed to you in advance of the group as well as an mp3 recording of the group call itself emailed out to you after each group (please allow 3-4 days after the group call for delivery of your mp3 recording.)


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$22 per individual class


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Live Attendance in the study class is not required
The recording of each class will be available for download in mp3 audio format so that you can listen to the class at anytime convenient to you.
The download link will be emailed to you within 3-4 business days after each class.


 To Register by Phone Call: 808-640-7103

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$99 for a the entire series of 6 tele-classes
(that’s only $16.50 per tele-class)
You will be SAVING $33 off of the individual price per teleclass!!


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Live Attendance in the tele-classes is not required
The recording of each class will be available for download in mp3 audio format so that you can listen to the class at anytime convenient to you.
The download link will be emailed to you within 3-4 business days after each class.


 To Register by Phone Call: 808-640-7103

About Rev. Ana Jones

Rev Ana JonesREV. ANA JONES is an internationally known Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master-Teacher, and life-long Clairvoyant Medium. Ana has been developing her expertise in the fields of Holistic Energy Medicine, Intuition, and Spirituality for over 35 years.

Ana is the author of ‘The Teachings of Archangel Michael: A Handbook for Humanity’ and is the host of ‘The Celestial Voice’ Podcast and ‘All in Sacred Time’ Podcast available on iTunes. In addition, she is a vocalist, and a recording artist of over 30 audio lectures, classes, workshops and meditations.

She is the host of several Facebook fan pages including her thriving online spiritual community called ‘Archangel Michael & The Legion of Light’ which has 440,000+ members, and growing! Through her Archangel Michael & Legion of Light page Rev. Ana’s inspirational posts and Angelic Messages reach over a HALF MILLION people weekly!

She has served for many as a teacher of the teachers and healer of the healers, and her peers know her professionally as an insightful visionary and eloquent luminary for holistic living and spiritual enlightenment.

As a healer Ana practices master level, advanced forms of energy healing and is a gifted Natural Health Consultant and Medical Intuitive. She has been a regularly featured guest on talk radio shows, and has been a guest speaker and/or presenter at Holistic Expos, churches, bookstores, and healing centers throughout the US.

Rev. Jones leads regular classes and workshops on a wide range of subjects pertaining to spirituality, holistic health, women’s empowerment and conscious holistic living. She has led dozens of retreats, vision quests, soul journeys, and pilgrimages for individuals, couples, and groups large and small.

Ana is the owner and Director of Questing Spirit LLC. She lives on the slopes of a sacred mountain on The Big Island of Hawaii where she resides full time with her twin soul & husband of 20 years, Phillip Jones, MA, LMHC. Together they are extroverted intuitive feelers and nature enthusiasts who enjoy visiting power places, swimming in the ocean, hiking the rain forest and volcanic trails, all while keeping the inner child joyful and playful.