All in Sacred Time Podcast 2015 – 2 – A Rising Tide: New Energies for Personal & Planetary Ascension

In this podcast, internationally known Interfaith Minister Ana Jones teaches and shares insights into the upcoming sacred and celestial events for the second half of Spring 2015. Included in this podcast are details about the upcoming Moon cycles for this second half of spring, mercury retrograde, the halfway point between the spring equinox and summer solstice and more. Ana also discusses some of her insights into recent earth changes and earth energy activations that are connected with our personal and planetary ascension.

Special Request: In this new podcast, Ana briefly discusses the shifting earth energies that have affected the Himalayan Mountains in recent days. Even though, in the podcast, she does not talk about the devastating affects that such transformations can bring, as an Empath she is very sensitive to them. Ana is requesting that as an act of kindness, compassion, and love that everyone please donate to a charity of your choice to help the people who are struggling and suffering in Nepal, Tibet & India from the earthquake damage that occurred when the Himalayan mountains recently moved/shifted. Compassionate and loving acts towards each other in these changing times are absolutely necessary for our personal and planetary ascension journey, in order to advance us forward in these changing times.