Celestial Voice Podcast 12 – Applying Love – Feeling with Your Immortal Heart

Everyone has the ability to feel deep and strong emotions, but often times your emotions can become¬† sources of blocked energy or unhealthy patterns. In this deeply insightful Global Angelic Transmission¬† from Archangel Michael you will receive guidance on how to apply love to each and every one of your emotions, freeing you to go deeper to where “the heart of your soul’ resides and becomes known.

Uplifting and heart centering are words that best describe this message. These teachings are about how love is beyond being just an emotion and is actually an energetic force of creation for healing and transcendence. Michael teaches everyone how to apply this energy of love to your blocked emotions and thus feel beyond them, gain deeper intuitive awareness and discernment, feel greater empathy, and live from the “Immortal Heart Within You.”