Celestial Voice Podcast 13 – Breaking Through or Breaking Down : A Karmic Inflection Point

Celestial Voice PodcastThis profoundly inspiring message transmission received in deep meditative state from Archangel Michael enlightens and illuminates the path before you right now.

Here Archangel Michael describes how humanity is reaching a personal and collective karmic reset that will provide for us choices to make that will determine whether we breakdown or breakthrough personally, collectively, and culturally. Michael encourages us to choose to breakthrough and thus gives guidance on how to make the best choices that can and will lead us to transcendence through synergy. Deep wisdom is shared about how to chose a way forward that is heart centered, unity focused, non-polarizing, and based on the operating model of holism rather than capitalism, socialism, communism or nationalism.

The most touching and emotionally moving parts of this message teaches us an understanding of duality that is about the reconciliation of opposites made possible through a more conscious connection with The Divine Love That Knows No Bounds, and The Light That Casts No Shadow.