Celestial Voice Podcast 20 – Divine Radiance – Restoring Your Light through The Power of Forgiveness

Divine Radiance - Forgiveness

Forgiveness has the power to heal, renew, regenerate and restore us on a very expansive and deep level.
Most people however struggle with it and believe that forgiveness is incredibly hard work that we have to do and yet we don’t always know how to do it.

In this transformational transmission we are all given a tremendous influx of Divine Grace and Divine Light that facilitates a more effortless shift into forgiveness that then allows for you to reconnect with and radiate the tremendous light of your soul.

During this transmission, that was channeled live on the summer solstice, the Archangel guides us to the next level in a process called ‘ The Golden Solar Light Activation.’ This meditative process supports us in raising our energy and vibratory levels as we collectively move from a time of the dark night of the soul into Divine Radiance.