Celestial Voice Podcast 23 – Renewing Your Faith – In Yourself, In Each Other and In the World

All that is temporal is temporary, and all that is human is imperfect, yet we can still have faith in ourselves and in each other.

Renewing Your Faith - In Yourself, In Each Other and In the World

This podcast is a healing message that we all need, no matter who we are or what we believe in.
It’s a message of spiritual healing for the polarized divisions within humanity right now.

It’s a message of faith that is meant to inspire.
Faith gives us the ability to go through any and all of the healing we need to do on ourselves and in our relationships with each other.

In this message, the virtue of faith is described in a new and insightful way.
Faith is described not just as a concept that becomes a reason or excuse not to do any of the healing work we need to do … Nor should faith ever be used to bypass the real inner work that is necessary for us all. Rather, faith is described as a virtue that is inspired within us, and virtues are described as qualities and direct energies of The Divine which are ever present within you and all around you, ready to be tapped into for co-creation.

Yet there are different functions of faith, described as conditional faith and unconditional faith. Just as there are different qualities of trust: earned trust & unconditional trust. By taking the perennial wisdom in this message to heart, we all have the chance to regain and restore our unconditional faith in each other and the world that we have co-created and are evolving together.