The Mystics Summit 2022 – Free Online Event – August 8-12, 2022

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This event finished on 12 August 2022

Complementary Online Event

Mystics Summit

August 8-12, 2022
Featuring Rev. Ana Jones and 30+ Other Contemporary Mystics

The Mystics Summit 2022

I am thrilled and honored to be among more than 30 scholars, teachers, and contemporary mystics — including Reverend Dr. Heiwa no Bushi, Mirabai Starr, Banafsheh Sayyad, Father Greg Boyle, Alexander John Shaia, Taya Mâ Shere, James Finley, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Rev. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, Matthew Fox and many others who are featured in this brand new free online MYSTICS SUMMIT sponsored and hosted by The Shift Network.

The Mystics Summit will air in it’s entirety on The Shift Network from August 8 -12th.
Check the daily schedule and register for free here through this link

Please tune in as this incredible group of mystics demonstrate ways to embody sacred knowledge so you can receive soul-nourishing solace from quintessential mystical teachings across time.

Throughout this landmark summit, you’ll receive not only gems of wisdom from ancient and modern day mystics, but also poetry, music, and experiential practices that can put you in touch with the unmistakable passion you carry within your own heart and mind.

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During this seminal 5-day event, you’ll discover:

  • Ways to unravel a lifetime of oppressive training — to express hidden gifts as a profound step on the mystic’s path
  • The 7 qualities of love mirroring the Divine at your core — Receptivity, Delight, Expansiveness, Vulnerability, Acceptance, Mystery, and Gratitude
  • How to perceive the universal practices and concepts that open anyone to mystical experiences
  • The Sufi way as a devotional path of love and intimacy
  • How the reclaimed origins of Christian mysticism reveal the all-but-lost original heart of Christian wisdom — and why it’s making a comeback today
  • And much more…

RSVP here for the Mystics Summit — at no charge:

What’s actually happening during these intimate conversations with leading mystical wisdom teachers, authors, and scholars throughout the entire Mystics Summit is palpable and uplifting. Participating in this Summit is yet another way of uniting our collective energetic vibrations as we “remember” the mystical power of the ancients, and resonate with the resounding call from present-day mystics to embody these sacred insights in our own lives today.

Returning to simplicity is in itself a radical and sacred act. Quieting down to receive mystical teachings from ancient and modern-day mystics also helps us reorient to our shared purpose as a human family — we’re all in this together.

Carrying this harvest of inspiration into the future can help you to bring passionate devotion into your acts of service to your community and the world.

My specific segment during the summit is entitled –
Modern Mysticism: Using Intuition to Navigate through Times of Great Transformation
My interview for the summit is currently scheduled to air on Friday August 12th to all who sign up for this free online event. If you cannot make it to the all of scheduled times for the free live airing there are bonus packages also available to anyone who RSVP’s and then wants to to purchase the recordings and written transcripts…be sure to use this link.

Enjoy the Summit!

Rev. Ana Jones

The full list of names of all of the mystics who are presenters in the Mystics Summit are as follows:

Enfys J. Book
Rabbi Rami Shapiro
Andrea Menard
His Sacred Humanness, The Venerable Reverend Dr. Heiwa no Bushi
Father Greg Boyle
James Finley, PhD
Juliet Rania
Rukmini Chaitanya
Grandmaster Mantak Chia
Dr. William Bloom
Tada Hozumi
Taya Mâ Shere
Rev. Dr. Hillary D. Raining
Andrew Harvey
Rev. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, PhD
Carmen Acevedo Butcher, PhD
Mike Morrell
Sophie Strand
Raven Sinclaire
Colette Lafia
Tenley Wallace
Carl McColman
Matthew Fox
Rev. Ana Jones
Mirabai Starr
Alexander John Shaia, PhD
Gareth Higgins
Kabir Helminski
Dr. Tripp Fuller
Banafsheh Sayyad
Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson
Rebekah Berndt
Therese Taylor-Stinson
Dr. Simona Chitescu Weik
Micky ScottBey Jones