Magdalene Rose Healing Ceremony

Participation in previous events is NOT required

The Magdalene Rose Healing Ceremony
and Inner Grail Quest Guided Soul Journey

July 22 , 2023

(Held on Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day)
From 8pm – 10pm US Eastern Time

Led by Rev, Ana Jones
Internationally known Interfaith Minister, Master Healer and Modern Mystic

Held via GLOBAL ONLINE Zoom Video Conference Webinar

All who REGISTER will be sent a zoom link to log into the online zoom conference gathering and participate live…a video and an mp3 audio recording will also be made and sent to all participants. Live participation is recommended but not required

In this special ALL NEW – ONLINE Magdalene Rose Healing Ceremony, Modern Mystic, Master Healer and Internationally known Interfaith Minister, Rev. Ana Jones will guide you to connect with one of the greatest female mystics and healers of history…. this is not to be missed!

Held on the highest holy day of the year for Mary Magdalene (7/22), Ana will describe and tell a little of Mary Magdalene’s story with emphasis on here role as PRIESTESS and HEALER.

The Rose Healing Ceremony will include the reading of passages from The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Sacred Song, Invocation Prayer to Invoke Mary Magdalene, Meditation, a Rose Water Blessing, Candle Lighting, Chakra Anoiting and more

An all NEW Guided ‘INNER GRAIL QUEST’ Soul Journey for Healing will be written especially for this event and facilitated for the first time.

IMPORTANT Ceremony & Journey Preparation :

Please have a pen, journal, and previously unlit tealight or votive candle on hand.

It is also required that you have a red rose and a small bowl of fresh water AND a cup of fresh water on hand for the blessing everyone will be guided to do together at the same time.

Optional: If you have rose quartz on hand, you can also incorporate that in the ways in which you will be instructed.

If you want to participant in the guided anointing of your chakras then you will need to have some kind of essential oil available to use when prompted to do so. While any essential can be used in the ceremony the ones most highly recommended would be Rose Oil, or Frankincense Oil, or Myrrh Oil, or Spikenard Oil if they are available to you.

Please be somewhere where you can relax and be completely uninterrupted for the duration of this online event. Wear comfortable clothing (wearing white and/or red is recommended) If you have a white or red scarf please have it on or available to use during the ceremony and journey. When instructed, be prepared to lie down if possible when you are prompted to do so.

FOR BEST RESULTS it is recommended that you do not eat anything heavy, nor drink too much caffeine. Please do not consume any alcohol or mind altering intoxicants of any kind prior to this journey.


NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! This customized Soul Journey is based on ancient shamanic journey practices that Ana has been trained in and has adapted for modern day beginners. All journeyers will be guided through prompted visualization, voice and music. Similar to a combination of meditation and lucid dreaming, only done in a waking state, the journeyer remains consciously in control of the journey at all times while receiving Divine connection and spiritual healing. Journeying can be though of as a form of conscious dream work.

About Rev. Ana Jones:

ANA JONES is a multi-gifted modern mystic who has served for many, as a teacher of the teachers and healer of the healers and her peers know her professionally as an insightful visionary and eloquent luminary for holistic living and spiritual enlightenment. She is an internationally known Interfaith Minister, Energy Healing Master-Teacher, and life-long Intuitive. Ana has been developing her expertise in the fields of Holistic Energy Medicine, Intuition, and Spirituality for over 35+ years.

Ana leads regular classes and workshops on a wide range of subjects pertaining to her vast knowledge of conscious living. She has led dozens of single day and multi-day workshops, seminars, retreats, soul journeys, and pilgrimages for individuals, couples, and groups large and small. She has led multiple Magdalene Circle Women’s Groups over the last eight years, and she organized and led two separate sacred pilgrimages tracing the footsteps of Mary Magdalene in Southern France that took place in 2012 and 2014.

Rev. Jones is also an author and recording artist of dozens of CD’s and mp3’s of lectures, classes, workshops and meditations she has recorded live and in studio. Her greatest outreach is through her Celestial Voice podcast on iTunes and her work on social media where she hosts several pages including her Magdalene Circle facebook page and her wildly popular facebook page entitled ‘Archangel Michael & The Legion of Light.’ Her inspirational posts on social media reach half of a million people weekly.