Magdalene Vision Journey

“What is hidden from you,
I will reveal to you….”
“This is why I tell you : Be in Harmony, If you are out of balance, take inspiration from manifestations of your true nature.”
—The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

The Magdalene Vision Journey

Align with The Divine and Enter The Sacred Vision of Mary Magdalene

with Internationally known Interfaith Minister,
Master Healer and Clairvoyant Medium,
Rev. Ana Jones


Easter Sunday
April 4, 2021
7:30pm US Eastern
4:30pm US Pacific
length: Approximately 2 hours

In celebration of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene’s
Sacred Encounter In The Resurrection Garden

Special Online Event Registration Fee:


(This is $13-$20 off the regular admission fee
that has been charged at past in person events)

Includes a ZOOM link that will be emailed to you after your register so you can participate live on the night of Easter. Also included is a fully downloadable digital video recording that will be emailed out within 3-5 business days after the zoom event is completed. You can watch this video and do the meditation again and again at your leisure.
Live participation in the online event is not required.
Men and Women of All Ages and Backgrounds Are Welcome

This very special sacred evening will include:

  • Connecting to The Christ Light and The Sacred Feminine in You
  • Introductions into Mary Magdalene, also known as ‘SHE WHO KNEW ALL,’ and who she was in her many historical roles, including the special bond she shared with Yeshua/Christ on the day of the resurrection. Also revelations will be shared as to the modern day role that Yeshua and Mary Magdalene have to play in helping us heal ourselves and our world
  • Beautiful Chanting and Singing of two powerful sacred chants and one inspirational song inspired from the early Christian tradition for sacred connection and invocation
  • A powerful and unique Guided Inner Soul Journey that Rev. Ana has written and designed based on the detailed vision experience of spiritual ascension that Mary Magdalene received from Yeshua/Christ on the day of the resurrection, as it is described in the ancient Gospel of Mary Magdalene called “The Gospel of The Beloved Companion.”

This evening is specifically designed to help you align with The Divine in order to manifest your highest spiritual aspirations and intentions.



Be somewhere you can relax with your computer close to you so you can see and hear Ana. Zoom also can be streamed through smart phones and tablets. Make sure that you will uninterrupted during the guided journey, close the door, and turn off distractions. Wear layers of comfortable loose fitting clothing, socks, etc and everything you need to be comfy and stay warm if you decided to lie down for the journey portion. This journey can be done lying down or sitting up but lying down is best when you are prompted by Ana to do so.

Have a pen, and a journal or notebook handy.

Please have a small sacred object, and a small stone or crystal with you if you have these types of things on hand. If not, they are not required.

It is always best to do meditation and journey work when you have not eaten heavy foods or taken in any form of intoxicants or mind altering medications. These journeys are best when you prepare in advance by clearing your energy and your energetic space before logging on. If you forget to clear your energy, you will be guided to do so.

All participants will be able to see Ana, but no one else (not even Ana) will be able to see you, so you will be in undisturbed privacy for this sacred work. Enjoy this time to go deep within!

Special Online Event Registration Fee:



Mary Magdalene

Photo of Mary Magdalene
“Shining Her Heart Light To Us!”
Magdalene Sculpture at The Louvre in Paris, France. Photo taken by Rev. Ana Jones during her Mystical France Grail Quest Pilgrimages she led there in 2012 and 2014

“Anyone who aspires to see all women, world-wide, restored to their rightful place as equals, has a role to play in having Mary Magdalene restored to her rightful place in history, regardless of what faith they practice.” – Ana Jones

“What is hidden from you,
I will reveal to you….”
“This is why I tell you : Be in Harmony, If you are out of balance, take inspiration from manifestations of your true nature.”
– The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Ana JonesAbout Rev. Ana Jones

Over the past three decades Ana Jones has facilitated numerous and diverse Sacred Circles and Spiritual Gatherings for people of multiple faiths and backgrounds. She has also facilitated Planetary, Celestial and Galactic Alignment Events /Ceremonies in various locations and sacred sites throughout the U.S, and in France during her Mystical France Grail Quest Pilgrimage that she organized and led through Paris, Normandy, and The Languedoc regions of Southern France in 2012 and 2014, where she tapped deeply into the ancient history and mysteries of Mary Magdalene. In recent years she has facilitated several online Magdalene Circle Women’s Groups as well as tele-conferences and webinars on a wide variety of spiritual topics.

Rev. Jones is an internationally known Interfaith Minister, Professional Intuitive, and Master Healer who has been a featured guest on talk radio, and a guest speaker at dozens of bookstores, expos, and healing centers throughout the US. Ana is an author and recording artist of dozens of lecture and meditation CD’s and MP3’s. She hosts several social media pages including her page called ‘The Magdalene Circle’ and her wildly popular Archangel Michael and The legion of Light page where her inspirational posts reach half of a million people weekly.

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