Meditation and Why Meditate?


While meditation has innumerable mental and physical benefits (see list below) it is so much more!

Meditation is a truly universal spiritual practice.
Every religion and spiritual tradition on Earth has some kind of meditation practice.

Meditation has been known as ‘contemplation, inner reflection, centering, and by many other names and titles.
Along with prayer, in the spiritual traditions of the world, it is know to be one of the top most practices for Communing with The Divine, Connecting with Spirit, Centering in Your Heart, Expanding Your Ability to Give and Receive Love & Compassion, Becoming Awakened, Attaining Enlightenment, Ascension, and so much more.

In addition to meditation techniques, there is a deeper practice of what is called Journeying that can also be used for communicating and interacting with the spiritual world and those who are our angels, guides, and guardians within the spiritual world.

Journeying is similar to conscious dreaming.

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Benefits of Meditation

The Benefits of Meditation for Your Body, Mind & Emotions are too numerous to name, but here is a brief list of my top 10 benefits of meditation:

[list style=”Check2red”]
  • Connection with Spirit
  • Calming, Focusing, and Clearing The Mind
  • Decreasing and Diminishing Physical, Mental & Emotional Stress
  • Overcoming Fear & Anxiety
  • Enhancing Creative Problem Solving and Expanding Creativity
  • Improves Sleep & Enhances Dreams
  • Helps the body heal itself, especially from stress related dis-ease and disorders
  • Increases productivity and brings joy to daily work and activities.
  • Clears negativity and unwanted thoughts, ideas
  • Increases your physical energy and the natural flow of abundant energy in your life.

Again this is the short list!

As The New Year Approaches don’t forget to meditate and set your intentions on what you are wanting to manifest and co-create in your life for 2015!


Happy HolyDays!
Rev. Ana Jones