Mystical France Pilgrimage Teleconference 5 – Mysteries of the Sacred Heart

Mysteries of the Sacred HeartIn this audio lecture internationally known spiritual teachers and interfaith ministers Rev. Ana Jones and Phillip Jones, MA, LMHC describe the important distinctions between your emotional heart, your physical heart and your Spiritual Heart. They discuss what the mystics and saints from the world’s spiritual traditions have always known and can continue to teach us about The Sacred of God and the importance of deepening your relationship with The Divine through your personal journey into your Sacred Heart.

Part 2 of this audio is a pre-retreat travelogue of their upcoming Mystical France extended weekend retreat in Paris on October 3-October 6, 2014 entitled ‘Journey Into The Sacred Heart.’ Where they will guide a 3night/4 day pilgrimage into your sacred heart and take participants on sacred excursions to connect your heart with The Crown of Thorns at Notre Dame and the Black Madonnas of Chartres Cathedral, in addition to prayer and meditation at Sacre Cour.

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