Mystical France Pilgrimage Call 6 – Mary Magdalene: SHE WHO KNEW ALL

Mary Magdalene: SHE WHO KNEW ALLThis free recorded class on Mary Magdalene will help you understand more about and connect in a deeper way with Mary Magdalene who is known as “The Apostle to the Apostles”, and “She Who Knew All.” You will discover a variety of titles and roles carried by Mary Magdalene as the presenters of this class explore her powerful legacy… opening our minds and our hearts.

Readings and passages from The Gospel of Mary Magdalene and The Gospel of The Beloved Companion are shared with insights given as to Mary Magdalene being a powerful mystic gifted with a great spiritual vision.

In closing, Phillip & Ana will share some fascinating and intriguing details about some of the natural power places and sacred sites connected with Mary Magdalene in Mystical France that will be visited in their upcoming Grail Quest Pilgrimage from September 18-25, 2014.

The class ends with a short guided meditation.

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