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The Sacred Art of Dreaming Audio Class #2

Four Keys to Dream Interpretation

by Rev. Ana Jones

This recorded teleclass includes:

  • Many ancient cultures viewed dreaming as a sacred experience of processing, integrating, healing and transforming our waking life. In this class you will learn more about the sacred art of consciously understanding and working more with your dreams through dream interpretation.
  • Teachings on 4 Key Steps to DREAM INTERPRETATION and understanding more about what happens in your dreams and why.
  • Wisdom & Intuitive Guidance on how to discern the meaning of feelings, colors, sounds, and the language of symbolism within your dreams
  • Guided Meditation written and led by Ana Jones for Enhancing Your Clear Inner Knowing.

Audio time: 1 hour 57 minutes

Mp3 audio download (immediate delivery)
$15 (Regular Price)

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The Sacred Art of Dreaming Recorded Teleclass Series Class #2: Four Keys to Dream Interpretation