Summer Solstice 2018 – Free Teleconference

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Summer Solstice 2018
Angelic Transmission from Archangel Michael
Receiving the Cosmic Energy Upgrades and New Light Codes

Sacred Correspondence with Rev. Ana Jones offering a free 
LIVE Communication & Message
from the Archangel Michael

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Thursday – June 21, 2018

Conference Call Starting Time in the U.S. is at:
8 pm Eastern Time (US)
7 pm Central Time (US)
6 pm Mountain Time (US)
5 pm Pacific Time (US)

(Please note that while this is being held on the day of the solstice this tele-event is not at the exact time of the solstice.   The exact time of the solstice will be at 6:07am Eastern (US) Time)

Note: Those of you calling in from other parts of the world outside of the USA, please check with the time converter below For those of you in other countries, for the Correct Time in Your Time Zone please check this Time Converter

This FREE Conference Call Event will include a guided angelic invocation/ meditation as well as a LIVE channeled message from the Archangel Michael through Rev. Ana Jones. During the call Rev. Jones will ask questions to the Angels, asking for guidance to be given. She will ask for direct insight and angelic wisdom to be given to help us all. The messages that have come during the previous world-wide Angelic Transmissions Ana has facilitated have all provided deep support for the profound growth and transformations being experienced in this time period of great change.

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Attending the conference call live is free for everyone.
In addition to attending for free you also have the option of ordering a recording of it.

Please note that the recording is done LIVE and the sound quality may vary.

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Summer Solstice Angelic Transmission from Archangel Michael

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Summer Solstice Angelic Transmission from Archangel Michael