A Message of Peace from Divino Maestro

doves of peace“I can promise you that things are changing rapidly and that the way things are now will be very different than the way they were, and they will be very very different in the future…completely transformed.”
– Divino Maestro as channeled by Rev. Ana Jones

“Dear Ones. I have come in response to your prayers to speak this message to you today. I wish to begin this message with a simple teaching that is to bring you peace and to help you with all that you ask. The teaching is to ask you to become as a child for when you become as a child you shall enter the kingdom of heaven and I wish to explain this teaching to you. The kingdom of heaven is within. The kingdom of heaven is in your own soul…in your true self…it is in you and it is your nature. This nature, this heavenly nature, this divine nature that is within is the source of all peace. The place of all peace and it is very important to access it, to live from it, and to always be connected to this divine nature within you, this Supreme Spirit Soul residing within you and as I said in this simple teaching becoming as a child. Being a child, the child that you are, the divine child that you are is one of the keys to living in this peace, to being in this peace.

When I say become as a child I am referring to many things that I will explain here today. First, is that type of openness and acceptance that you see in children. This kind of openness and acceptance to take everything in. Be open and receptive to everything. This is the consciousness of a child. This is the heart of a child and this is the same heart and consciousness that is the key to living within that kingdom of heaven and to manifesting the kingdom of heaven here on earth. There will be many, many things required for this, but this is one spiritual key to be as a child. Accepting and trusting, with an open mind and open heart allowing everything in.

Another very important aspect that I am speaking of has to do with trust and faith. While your faith is strong it is to grow even stronger and while your faith is as strong as it is in its growth, it will become broader and deeper. Trust and faith go hand in hand. The kind of trust and faith that a child has is not naïve but is pure and is innocent none the less.

Humility is not in any way shape or form thinking less of yourself and devaluing yourself thus you must look at ways in which you are doing this. It is very important to be in a state of child-like humility and selflessness, while making sure that you have a self to give and that you are preserving and protecting first and foremost yourself so that you have a self to give. Your soul, your nature, the nature of this kingdom of heaven that is within is eternal…it is eternal!

Your commitment to the kingdom of heaven, your commitment to your soul, to your true self is the commitment to live in this truth and to remember is the process of remembering and going into the awareness of the child…the consciousness of a child. This does not mean that you leave behind the wisdom and the discernment of all that you have grown and all that you have experienced and all that you’ve accumulated. Quite the contrary for the divine child that has the ability to live within the kingdom of heaven and to enter the kingdom of heaven and reside there is The Child of Wisdom.

The Child of Wisdom uses all wisdom, not taking your self seriously, but taking the wisdom seriously. What I mean by “not taking yourself seriously,” is to not thinkso much of the worldly ideas of self…the mind, the intellect and all the things that you normally think of when you think of self…knowing that all of those things are of this world and of the material nature. Knowing that all of those things of this world and of this material nature are not your true self.

In order to remember who you are, spiritual life and spiritual practice is essential. Yes, these things require commitment and perseverance and persistence. However, spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation also require child-like qualities…joy, play, laughter, song. Sing a song, sing to the earth, sing to the elements, sing to the water and the wind, sing to the Divine that is everywhere…all around you. Songs of praise, songs of joy, songs of gratitude, songs within your own heart, the song of your heart, let it spring forth let it come forth like the prayer of your heart. Let it come forth like a spring, coming forth bubbling up out of the earth letting it bubble up out of your heart, letting it come forth out of your heart, pray the prayers of your heart. Put those prayers out there with sincerity and yet with that same kind of openness, trust, faith and joy of a child. Sing, laugh, and play where you are with the sacred land and the sacred place that you have been given that is connected to your mission and your destiny. Interact, relate as a child… see through the eyes of a child.

Think of the term of “beginners mind.” I use this term to describe to you the sight of a child. When a child sees something for the very first time it is this beginners mind that is used to see and to perceive and that is experiencing something. You have a long history with the people you are connected to. Because of this history it is very easy to loose this beginner’s mind. It can be easy to loose the sight and vision of the child and yet, it is key to entering the kingdom of heaven and living within the kingdom of heaven not only for you but for all who inevitably will learn this and come to their own realizations about this in their own ways. The spiritual enlightenment journey takes everyone to this point at some stage along the way and their own realizations coming to them about this.

Because of your personal history, it is easier to identify with your history and to see things based upon all the knowledge and the perception of the past that is there. Beginners mind, the child’s mind, sees each and every day, each and every experience as if it is a new experience! In the moments in which you have been able to do this you have transcended and transformed and I am encouraging you and giving you guidance today to truly focus your energy, your attention and your intention on increasing your ability to wake up each and every day and see every day as a new day —- see it through that beginners mind.

Approach everything as if it is a new opportunity and a new beginning with a new situation because truly it is. Truly in each moment you have an entire new moment, an entire gift that is being given to you which is why ‘the present’ is called ‘the present’ because it is a gift. It is called ‘the present’ because it is a present to you…a gift to you that is anew.

A child does not know how to take the past and project the past into the present and project the past into the future. A child learns projection, it is conditioned and taught to them. This is not the way it was designed to be. Do not project the past into the present or into the future. Do not take the past and bring it in, in any way, to your vision of how things are now or how things will be.

I can promise you that things are changing rapidly and that the way things are now will be very different than the way they were and they will be very, very different in the future…completely transformed. A transformed vision is what is required to participate in this great transformation consciously. A transformed vision is what is required in order to fully fulfill all that you have come here to be, all that you have come here to do and to live within that kingdom of heaven and to manifest that kingdom of heaven here on earth.

You are to manifest the kingdom of heaven here on earth and it starts by living it within your own being. By living it within your own temple, within your own body, within your own mind.

You refer to this as peace and I am using the term kingdom of heaven to describe it to you because it is peace that is so much more. What I am describing to you is the peace…deep, serene, profound peace, unending, impenetrable peace but also wholeness, completion, love all of these are as one in the kingdom and the experience of living within the kingdom of heaven…your true nature…your birthright.

I encourage you to regularly and routinely make time to just connect and commune with yourself and with power sights and power places upon the earth where the energies are most conducive for prayer and meditation, where the energies are most conducive for connecting with that peace within, connecting, feeling and realizing the kingdom of heaven that is within. I encourage you to seek out the most peaceful, serene, powerful, energetic sights on the land around you. Go to these places of prayer and mediation for you and in your meditation quiet yourself through your breathing.

First begin to breathe in and out and in the inhale taking in as a child, accepting all that is and all that is around you and allowing yourself to just take it all in with the inhale…with the in breath and on the exhale, extending yourself, extending your love, extending your compassion, extending your light out to connect with all that is around you, all that is within you and all that is around you are interconnected and this simple breathing meditation will help to help focus you, quiet you and then just breathe once you have done this a few times inhaling drawing everything in connecting with all that is around you and taking it in and then exhaling taking all that is within you and connecting it with all that is around you externally.

Once you have done this for some time, for as much as feels right to you then just continue to breathe, relax, quieting the mind, going beyond the mind and into the heart.

It is your mind that is disturbed. It is your mind that is feeling the disturbance. It is your mind that is creating the disturbance that you feel and experience. In particularly it is certain aspects of the mind, the aspect of the mind that is the ego. It plays a very important role in the whole but it is not who you are and it is also just as important to learn to bypass it or to transcend it through meditation, through self-awareness, through spiritual life and spiritual practice. Go into what I refer to as your sacred heart.

The sacred heart is the seat of the soul, not your physical heart, not the heart of your physical body but the sacred heart which is the seat of your soul…going within that through the meditation in this place where these energies are conducive to live and to be and to connect with the kingdom of heaven within you and then once you have done this through silent meditation opening your eyes, coming out of the mediation open your eyes and see with the eyes of a child even if you have seen the plants, the trees, the land, the landscape, the stones, the dirt, the soil of this place thousands and thousands of times attempt to see it with that beginners mind through the eyes of the child as you come out of the meditation as if you are seeing it for the very first time.

See the beauty, smell the sweetness in the air, the beauty that is all around you. Allow yourself to see that with that eyes of the child and then sing, sing and laugh and play. It does not matter what or how but complete this process in this way and do this for a period of time, as much as you possibly can, and it will begin to establish a pattern, a new pattern as what is needing to shift and change our old patterns.

The transformation of this happening and occurring within you and around you and on the entire planet is to create completely new patterns of ways of being, of ways of living as the frequency of heaven on earth is being set into place. The kingdom of heaven is energetically already happening and over time, is being made manifest. The full embodiment of spirit into matter is what I am speaking of and describing. Some refer to this and call this the ascension of the earth and it is in my view and in my terminology a very good word to describe this.

You are here where you are as the soul and the spirit of who you are to experience and to play a role in this earth ascension and there are no accidents indeed. There are no accidents, everything is for a reason, and while this is something to be taken in reverence, it is also simultaneously important to receive all of this knowledge, to have all of this wisdom, to take all of this and move with it, act with it as a child…as the Divine Child that is your birthright and is your nature.

Heal the sadness that is within you, the medicines of laughter, the medicines of song, the medicines of dance, the medicines of play…these are the medicines to heal that sadness and to transform it and to transcend it once and for all and for ever more and eventually these medicines that I have described to you will take higher and higher forms of expression of which you will understand as you progress through the stages of enlightenment, as you progress through the stages of ascension and as you and all of the others who are meant to play the role in the earth ascension, play your role and do what you are meant to do…you are offering yourself in service.

Service is another quality of the Divine Child that is a great and magnificent quality that you already have…the desire to serve. This quality of the Divine Child is to selflessly receive and the selflessly give…unconditional love. This is love without attachments, it is love without conditions placed on it. Love without attachments to any outcome or to any result true, unconditional selfless love is already a gift that you have and it is something that you are meant to master in this life. I wish to remind you in this message today that you are loved. You are loved unconditionally in a way that is all encompassing for who you are.

This love I have for you, this love I give to you, this love is yours and you are only limited in receiving it and only limited in giving it by any conditions that you place upon yourself and by any conditions that you place on your own love for yourself. So, I ask you to look at the conditions that you place upon yourself…the limitations that are there because of the conditions that you have drawn on how much you love yourself. Allow yourself to receive the love that is there for you. Look at these conditions and limitations that you have placed. Identify them. Be honest and truthful with yourself about them, knowing that being honest and truthful about these limitations and about these conditions is true humility and once you have identified them, clear them, clear them on all levels—-this is something that will take time.

The clearing will happen first and foremost on the spiritual for through the process of becoming aware of these conditions that you are placing on your love for yourself and on receiving this unconditional love through the process of awareness on the spiritual level, it will immediately transform through that awareness. It will immediately clear through the awareness alone. However, on the emotional, mental and physical level of which there also needs to be clearing of these there will need to be further steps taken and the proper guidance will come to you when that time comes. Listen, listen to the guidance that is coming. Again, this is an act of a child, to take it all in…to listen, to receive all that is there, to honor it and accept it. As you listen it will help to also connect you more to this peace. Listening to the still, small voice within is the voice of peace. Peace is not something that can be maintained externally unless it is maintained internally.

I have given you a great deal of information here today. It is not meant to be just information but to be a teaching for you to take much more deeply than what these words initially can do. I ask you to take these teachings and put them into practice. Take them to your heart, the sacred heart that I have described, the seat of your soul. Go deeper into prayer, go deeper into meditation. The depth of prayer for you goes beyond petitioning prayer and into prayers of praise. The more you go into prayer of gratitude and prayers of praise, the deeper your experience through prayer will be and all that you can access through prayer and it will become yet another access to the kingdom of heaven for you.

All of these accesses that I’ve described to you today; all of these keys that I have described to you today that are so important will eventually give way to an experience of the kingdom of heaven that becomes an on-going experience, that becomes an on-going perception and an on-going way of being, way of living in this world. For what I am describing to you is a way of living in this world and a way of being who you are that facilitates the manifestation of heaven on earth and the manifestation of the kingdom of heaven within as your daily reality. As the only true reality of the mind, body and senses and all aspects of your being and this is the spiritual shift and the spiritual transformation that you are undergoing and that all upon the planet are undergoing in this journey of enlightenment or what I would also call the Great Ascension.

In this Great Ascension you are all being lifted into the light: higher and higher frequencies and vibrations of pure love and this is what I give to you today. It is my gift to you today and my gift to you every day. I give you this pure love, this pure light a source of all peace, of all that is. Receive it dear one through the eyes and the ears and the open arms of the child that you are, the Divine Child that you are.

Thank you for your service and for your selflessness.”


    • Mattie
    • May 5, 2015

    Thank you for the gift of self and the importance of connecting with my inner child. I think of this often, the loss of wonder. Life, in it’s self is a miraculous wonder. I am again reminded how important I am to the fabric of this life. How, I see myself make such a huge impact. Time makes me feel as if I don’t because, I’m not feeling all the effects immediately, but come to be over time. My thoughts spread out, giving me a sense of not beIng responsible for the out come. All my thoughts are being projected into the future, I am again reminded of my part. Kindness to myself is necessary. Next, trust and faith, in my ability to trust my own thoughts.
    I am glad for this moment, it has given me a chance to re think my moment. Jesus, has again reminded me, I am not really afraid just of how mighty I am, but afraid of my own thought and the influence they carry. Are greatest power is kindness, it’s influence can be felt on any and all levels. It is also, the key to saving our World. I will start with myself and now offer it to everyone. We truly are One.
    Thank you. Blessings

    • Dianna Buttefield
    • December 13, 2015

    This is well said and My prayer goes out to my auntie Cheryl who been their for all of us in good time and in bad times. Please read this Cheryl you have been threw enough in life now it time to heal.

    • Hana Pernich
    • March 23, 2018

    I am grateful to receive your message and blessed to be able to understand what I am experiencing. Now with the information you have shared I can spend everyday enjoying every aspect of my Devine Child.
    Love & Light to you ?

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