As Above, So Below

Healthy cultures, both ancient and modern, exist in harmony with the natural laws. They seek to align their societies with Sacred Time and Sacred Space.

as above so belowAncient people gave a clue to their secret for living in Sacred Time: ‘as above, so below.’ These wise words tell us to align and synchronize our lives with the greater workings of the Universe. The earth moves in annual orbits around the sun, giving rise to our four seasons. The moon moves round the earth with regularity, giving rise to our twelve ‘moonths.’ But do we really live in harmony with this Sacred Time? Do we rise and activate with the sun and rest with its setting? Do we follow the waxing and waning of the moon and respond to the very different energies which correspond with monthly lunar phases?

And what of Sacred Space? A Native American song says, “The Earth is our Mother; she will take care of us. Her sacred ground we walk upon with every step we take. “

This simple little song tells us that The Sacred is every where. Sacred Space is everywhere, but we need the eyes to see. We need a mental and visual shift—a shift in consciousness from mundane to sacred vision. Sacred Space begins with creating that shift inside of ourselves. However, we also need methods and ways of being in the world to help us maintain our alignment.

One principle in creating and maintaining Sacred Space – especially in a home or in an office – is to pay attention to any clutter or things that may be polluting that environment. Sometimes that pollution is not necessarily physical pollution – it may be energetic pollution.

Just clearing out some of the energies, especially any chaotic energy in a space will help us to feel more aligned and to resonate at a stronger harmonic frequency within that space, feeling happier and healthier. One simple way we can energetically clear an environment is through an indigenous technique call smudging. To create sacred space burn either white Sage or the pure resin form of frankincense. You can also use pure Rosewater if you prefer. Walk through your house with them, focussing on your intention for peace, harmony, and balance. It is always best to do this type of energy clearing, which is also a space blessing at sacred times like full moons, new moons, equinoxes, or solstices.

Rose Water, sage, incense and essential oils are powerful in and of themselves. But if you are smudging a room with rose water or sage and not holding the inner space as a Sacred Space within yourself, you will not receive the same desired effect. There will be an effect, but it won’t be the same effect as when you are centered on your sacred space within.

In summary, harmony comes through living in Sacred Space and Sacred Time. We establish this alignment through our consciousness, through holding a sacred, peaceful inner space within. And we maintain it through our actions in the world—making sure that our energies and the energies of everything around us are in alignment.


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