Celestial Voice Podcast 24 – Courage – Using the Strength of Your Heart for Self Protection

In this episode of The Celestial Voice podcast you will receive another powerful and timeless spiritual teaching from Archangel Michael, on a number of urgent and timely topics.

Ana Jones Podcast 24

Among the important teachings covered in this message, and discussed at length, is the subject of The Path of The Heart.  Specifically, we are shown how to individually and collectively use the fortitude of courage to keep our hearts open even in the most trying of times.

Insights and suggestions are given on how we can step outside of our comfort zones in order to go forward into a better and brighter future. And all of us are being asked right now to “use the fortitude of your heart, rather than turn your heart into a fortress,” along with specific guidance on how to do so. A new path, that will be truly a whole path forward for humanity, is emerging as we have been undergoing a major trajectory change, requiring us more than ever to follow The Path of The Heart.

Uplifting wisdom is shared on how to use the power within us to protect ourselves, and simultaneously keep our hearts open, through the stages and phases of transformation coming in the years ahead.

(This podcast was channeled live by Rev. Ana Jones on the Winter Solstice of 2021)

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