Celestial Voice Podcast 31 – The Quickening of The Heart

Balancing During Heightened Times of Global Transformation

The Quickening of The Heart

In this message from Archangel Michael through modern mystic, Rev. Ana Jones, he imparts advanced realization to help humanity during the rapidly advancing changes we are all co-creating.

Among the topics discussed in this message are:

  • The Veil Between The Spiritual & Material World
  • Oneness & the Awakening Energy Field of the Collective Heart
  • Setting New Healthier Patterns in Your Life through Establishing a New Entrainment Pattern
  • Using the Virtues of Humility, Patience, Surrender & Faith in Synergy with One Another
  • Practicing The Sacred Pause for Spiritual Connection to Improve Relationship Communication and to Balance Yourself for Future Advancements
  • Moving from Two Dimensional Thinking and Awareness into Third, Fourth & Fifth Dimensional Awareness and Beyond
  • Avoiding the Pitfalls of Accelerationism and the Imbalance that it is Currently Creating in Our Lives & in The World
  • and much more….

Quote from this message:

When you use the virtues from a place of realization, is when you set an entrainment pattern with them.


    • Sandi Zampino
    • October 27, 2022

    Thank you!! Simply beautiful 🤩❤️💫💫 Love Arch angel Michael. Thank you for being his vessel. I’m interested in France trip. Sacred pause need more information. Would love a private session. I have tremors with movement since Covid 2021.

    • Barbara Francis-Crawford
    • November 2, 2022

    Thank You

    • Bonnie Mason
    • November 2, 2022

    How can I directly listen to Archangel Michael? Is he talking here or is that later? Do I need to go somewhere else to listen?

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