Celestial Voice Podcast 33 – The Four Keys of Co-Creation : Manifesting Peace and Prosperity

Manifesting Peace & Prosperity

Listening to this life changing message can help you learn how being in the Consciousness of Peace helps you to have a consciousness of prosperity.

The Four Keys of Co-creation areĀ  outlined in this message as Dream, Intend, Imagine, & Manifest. Profoundly detailed teachings are then given on how to apply them for creating and co-creating more prosperity and peace in your mind, your life, your relationships, and our world.

The Virtue of Peace is described here in new and elevated ways, allowing for it to expand internally and externally as we awaken and come into full realization of the kind of peace that cannot be taken away by anyone or any thing.

The Way of The Peaceful Warrior is also discussed in order to inspire you to stand up for peace, speak out for peace, and act for peace.

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