Celestial Voice Podcast 34 – Amplified Destiny

All in Sacred Time Podcast 34

Ever wonder why you are here and what fulfilling your destiny really means?

Have you found yourself desiring to understand some of the bigger picture going on in your life and in the world?

If so, then this insightful and highly inspirational message from Archangel Michael, received through Rev. Ana Jones while in deep meditative trance state, could be exactly what you need to hear.

The deep teachings included in this podcast reveal that we have entered into a time of amplified destiny, and that encoded/seeded within you is everything you need to personally answer the inner calling of your soul.

Among others things recommended, it is explained in these teachings that the process of decoding and growing into your destiny requires you to commit to your path purpose and amplify the virtues with your whole heart, body and mind. Specific guidance is also given for shifting into a higher consciousness, expanding into who you truly are, and so much more.

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