Celestial Voice Podcast 35 – Acceptance, Temperance and Destiny : Following the Call of Your Heart

Celestial Voice Podcast 3

In this enlightening and illuminating message from Archangel Michael we are reminded of our collective human mission statement of love, essential for living a life that we love.

In addition, many amazing teaching are given where he speaks on diverse subjects and answers the following questions in new and thought provoking ways:

Have you ever felt or heard an inner calling?

What is a calling and how do we discern them?

What is a broader way to understand the Universal Law of Attraction?

How do the Universal Laws and the Universal Virtues work together in our lives for co-creating our future?

How do the Universal Virtues of Acceptance and Temperance help you answer your personal call of destiny?


    • Diana Saiz
    • May 2, 2023

    Thanks very much. I missed the live transmission this time and was upset with myself. I was anxiousy waiting for this. Very grateful to you ❤️ 🙏 💛

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