Celestial Voice Podcast 36 – Universal Law of Balance – Homeostasis of the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Celestial Voice Podcast 36-UniversalLawofBalance

These Celestial Voice podcast messages received in deep meditation from Archangel Michael never cease to amaze!

This message includes some new and mind blowing details on the Universal Laws spiritually  governing life in our Universe. Special insight is given on the Law of Balance and how it pertains to our lives and to the homeostasis that is innately involved in balancing you during the aging process and life changes of all types.
In fact, homeostasis is described in a very unique way as a key factor for not only natural healing of your body but also for your mind, emotions, and spirit.

In addition, further teachings are given on how the Universal Laws and the Virtues all interconnect, synergize and work together, especially so with Balance, Homeostasis and Temperance.

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