Celestial Voice Podcast 37 – The Love that Knows No Bounds – Fulfilling Your Personal and Collective Purpose

The Love that Knows No Bounds

Prepare for your mind and your heart to be blown open!

In this episode of the Celestial Voice podcast you will hear one of the most unique messages of love being delivered for our modern day world. Love that moves you to your core. Love that makes up every part of your being. Love that is all encompassing.

Love is described in detail in this recording as not just an emotion but also as a universal law, a virtue, a power, a living force, a cause, a purpose, a context for all of creation, a mission, a destiny, and so much more.

Sometimes you hear something that can be life changing, this message has that potential.

Within the transmission is revealed a version of humanity’s collection destiny & mission statement:

To live a life that you love,

doing what you love,

with whom you love,

where you love,

how you love,

in a way that you love,

for the purpose and cause of love.

Global Transmission from Archangel Michael

copyright 2023 – Rev. B Ana Jones



    • Patricia Gazzera
    • July 13, 2023

    When you used the term “all encompassing “, I have felt it. It was the term I used when describing what I felt while praying. It was all around me. It was inside of me. It was outside of me. It was part of me and I was part of it. It helped me understand the term “God is love”. I felt a presence in the room and a voice said “Don’t worry. You’ll get home safe”. It’s the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. It’s hard to describe. It seemed like there were several beings (angels maybe) up near the ceiling but I couldn’t see them. I only knew they were there. Their overwhelming presence was there and a super natural peace came over me and my fear left. I was so blessed to have this experience.

    • Jan
    • July 13, 2023

    Perfect of course. I love you Michael

    • T A Powell
    • July 16, 2023

    Love the message and the all encompassing intent to bring love into every aspect and location of your physical and spiritual heart.

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