Healing Ourselves, Our Communities and Our World

foodforthought255x220Watching the news can be depressing these days. Fear, violence, criticism, greed, and addictive behaviors appear to be deeply rooted in our societies. We are living with wars we need to reconcile, global climate change costing us thousands of lives and billions of dollars, and a complete paradigm shift is occurring in our global economic systems. Yet hope prevails among individuals who are asking themselves “Who am I? How can I live a life in balance?”

These age old questions drive humankind to become self-aware, searching for truth. With courage and love in our hearts, we must transcend the fears we have, and allow the truth of who we are to emerge from the many diverse paths intricately interwoven within the web of life on Earth. One great truth about our existence can be found within the whole of creation: “simultaneous oneness and difference.”

So let’s look at the question ‘Who Am I?’ from a much broader perspective. We are all being required by circumstances to wake up to see the interconnection of all life. This is not a new perception. It is a knowing that our ancient ancestors had that all beings and all things within creation are the individualized aspects of one complete whole; and we cannot fully know who we are until we see ourselves within the context of that complete whole. This ancient knowing can now be described in the modern term HOLISM (pronounced whole-ism) and is more commonly used in the word ‘Holistic’(pronounced whole-istic).

Holism is the universal operating model of nature. It is the model of ‘oneness in diversity’ …everything is interconnected. Holism teaches us that we are not all the same, but we are all ONE. The best way to summarize Holism is ‘Individual yet Indivisible.’ The body, mind, heart, and soul are interconnected. They are One but not the same. Individuals are interconnected with communities; and local communities are interconnected with global communities.

I am an empowered individual, simultaneously one with all life.

Now let’s look at the question ‘How can I live a life in balance?’ from this perspective. To live a life in balance with each other and the world our operating model must be the operating model of nature—Holism.

Capitalism, socialism and communism are man-made operating models, not fully aligned with the principles that govern the natural world. These three major operating systems are failing to support us and fail miserably at sustaining life on earth. No longer can we think exclusively in these ways. We are not separate from each other, from the earth, nor from all beings on the earth. A paradigm shift from one operating paradigm to another is happening. And the new paradigm is not capitalism, socialism, or communism. It is holism.

Holistically minded people of all faiths and all professional backgrounds are acting to heal and balance themselves and their communities. Today millions share the holistic vision that serves as a driving force behind actions that are being taken to create new pathways to peace and prosperity. Becoming a part of such an effort can be a very empowering experience.

Seek your true identity, and know your role in the whole.


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