Healing Your Relationships

healing your relationships“Make yourself familiar with the angels and behold them frequently in spirit;for without being seen, they are present with you.”
– St. Francis De Sales

In this Celestial Voice newsletter I am quoting from a very long message from Archangel Michael that I have published in my book ‘The Teachings of Archangel Michael: A Handbook for Humanity.’ The Angels are always with us, always helping to guide, direct, and protect us. They simply ask us to remember them and call upon them for their assistance. When we call upon the angels they know that we are consciously connecting with them and that it is our will and intention to be supported and guided, thus they are able to help us even more. The subject of this message is one that pertains to us all.

Angel Blessings,
Rev. Ana Jones

ANGELIC MESSAGE From Archangel Michael

Excerpted from the book “Teachings of Archangel Michael: A Handbook for Humanity” channeled and published by Rev. Ana Jones

Healing Your Relationships with Each Other

“Your relationships with one another are the key to the future and to the evolution of humanity and life on this earth! Everything is in relationship to one another— EVERYTHING! You may think you are hearing these words and phrases as separate from one another, yet they are not. You think you are separate from every other thing, you are not. You may know this with your mind; your intellect is beginning to know this. Yet the key to really experiencing it is to engage in those relationships to the point where that knowledge is no longer just intellectual but it is experienced wisdom and you are truly able to live fully engaged in those relationships.

Take for example the relationship you have with this earth. Not only are the relationships with your family and the people that you come across important, but so is the relationship you have with this planet. This planet is a living being referred to by many, many names. Often referred to as the mother, this planet, in and of itself, is a being that supports life beyond what you are even able to comprehend. There is so much life that you are connected with—you are in relationship with it all.

As you are trying to focus on relationship and healing your relationships, you can’t just focus on one only. Focusing in on one or two relationships and trying only to be the best, do the best, and love to the utmost that is possible in a compassionate way can help you, but it does not end there. Expand that out to others. It does not end there for all things are connected and you are in relationship with [beings] far beyond. So honor your relationship with the earth. Honor your relationship consciously by knowing that the relationship is there and engage in that relationship.

How do you do that? Think about how you engage in any relationship.

Think about your relationship with the person who is closest to you.

Think about what it takes, what is required of you to be in that relationship?

Think about what is involved in a day-to-day relationship: time, awareness, conscientiousness, humility, putting aside pride and the ego, truthfulness, faith, trust.

It also takes energy that you give and receive and taking the time to interact and to exchange with those energies.

It is difficult for you to take the time to interact and exchange your energies with the earth. It is also difficult for you to take the time to interact and exchange your energies with one another. The barriers that you have put up with one another are so strong and so powerful. Fear has truly caused great defense systems, shields, to be put up that disconnect you from the earth and all that you are related to on the earth, and from each other. If those very same defensive shields and mechanisms that you put up disconnect you from those things, how much more do you think they actually block you in your awareness of all that lies beyond the physical into the spiritual realms and the subtle beings such as ourselves?

One of our great concerns right now is to dissolve those barriers that you put up. Being with the earth and interconnecting and relating with the earth can help you dissolve your interpersonal barriers.

Exercises for Dissolving Interpersonal Barriers:

Sit alone on a beach and look out on the ocean, sky, sun, and the earth and all the creatures in their full glory and you will find that many of those defenses and shields and protective mechanisms and barriers that you have put up will start to dissolve. Yet bring people into that picture and that equation and you will start to see that [the barriers come up] once again.

Connect with the earth—this will help you.

Connecting with the earth in such a way will help you to become aware of how those barriers are there. But you will still need, each and every one of you (for those who have not reached full enlightenment all have this problem) will still need to work on the barriers and defenses that you have between each other.

Yes there are many things that people do unconsciously that can hurt another person. There are ways that each person, even a compassionate person who has fully good intentions, uses their energy to control and manipulate others in ways that they are totally unaware of. But still it is important to open your heart and extend compassion, and to deepen the relationship, to take time for one another. Do not defend against one another or be fearful with one another. When someone comes knocking on your door do not be afraid. When someone passes you on the street do not be too rushed to smile, to say hello.

The modern society in which you find yourself living functions in [rushed] segments of communication that are just sound bites. Communication needs to extend ultimately beyond that. When there is not time to say more than a few words to someone, make sure that the words that you do say are said truly with an open heart and without those defenses there.

Your Most Important Relationship of All

There are many among you who believe harmonious relationships among human beings are not possible ultimately. They believe that true peace on earth is not possible. They have given up. This message is a message of hope because we have not ever given up on it. For not only do we know that it is possible, we know it is probable and we know it is destined to be. We have reminded you that you are in our company and we also want to remind you that we are helping you and assisting you in this. The relationship we have with you is a special relationship and our relationship is meant to help you in all other relationships.

The reason why we are with you is to be in deep relationship so that you can be helped and supported in all other relationships, and especially in the most important relationship of all, which I have yet to mention. That relationship is with the Divine One, with the One who has been called by numerous names. It is the relationship that you have with the one named God, for that relationship is the most important relationship of all relationships that we are helping to guide you in and encouraging you to explore.

So as you are working on improving your relationships, remember THAT being— the greatest relationship of all. Your relationship with that being is the greatest relationship which each and every one of you seeks after whether you know it or not. That love, the Divine Love, is the love that you seek after, long for, long to know and remember in every moment. This love needs to be consciously present in you, in all you speak, and in all the relationships that you have. That Presence is here; that love is here now in these words, Divine Love.

We the Angels love you—know that we love you!”

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