Live from Your True Will

angel with lightANGELIC MESSAGE as channeled by Rev. Ana Jones:

“One of the many things that we can teach you is to share with you teachings about your true will. Mere wants and desires are not equal to the true will. For knowing your true will is also knowing the will of the Divine. The will of the Source of Creation. Your will and the will of God, of All That Is, are one on the highest level.

So, when you ask, “what is my true will,” you are also asking- what is the will of the Divine in my life? If you really chose to know it then it will be revealed.

To choose to know it means letting go of what the ego thinks, wants, and thinks it desires. Accepting whatever that truth ultimately is. Accepting it with an open heart, accepting it with a willingness to act on it once it is revealed to you.

There is no greater harm that can be done than the way you harm yourself by not acting on your true will once it is revealed!

Right now your heart speaks to you and you are at times confused in discerning what it says clearly. Within your heart is the Divine teaching you and guiding you, instructing you in your heart —speaking to you.

The confusion needs to be replaced with the clarity of discernment.

There was a time when you had great access to knowing your true will and the Divine Will. You are returning to this with innocence and with love. Returning to the inner knowing that you had as a child. As your heart speaks to you now, what you hear is: it is time for change.

Already within you, you have changed and you have transformed and yet youa are still transforming. As above, so below – As within, So without !

Be Patient! The outer world must reflect the changes that have occurred within you so that there can be harmony once again. Until this happens there is disharmony, tension, anxiety, and what you call stress which is a culmination of all of these and more.

We ask you to have faith and to trust. To deepen your faith in the trust that you already have to a level that you didn’t think possible. We don’t ask this of you for ourselves. We encouraged you to have this for we know that this is what you will need to change the outer world. The world around you needs to reflect the essence and the truth of the soul.

Your fears are very strong, even though you are not fully aware of them. In this time your fears are your greatest obstacles and it is your fear that can hurt you the most. More than any other thing , more than lack of money, changing jobs, changing physical locations… more than any of those things, none of those things, nor even all of those things together. Nothing can equal the damage that your fears can do to you, causing you not to live by your true will.

Face your fears head on, not with arrogance but with love, not with greed but with compassion, not with ego but with heart!

This is how you must face the people that you interact with. The people who’s lives are also co-creating the course that sets your future. You must reveal and reflect the truth within your heart to them. The truth of what you feel you need. Believe that all things are possible.

We will never say to you anything else, accept that what you desire is possible because it falls with the realm of all possibilities!

You and others like you stand a the brink of a time in which you can make those possibilities a reality. You have the power, the strength and the will, and you are coupling it with your faith and your deepened connection with the soul and to the Divine Great Spirit that has created you and makes all possibilities a reality.

There is but one key to make the impossible possible… be sure that all you aspire to, dream of, and wish to create, is of your true will.

Within you is your souls still quiet voice that speaks softly, lovingly, gently, compassionately, your truest will. You must have subtle ears to hear it and an open mind to receive it, and a clear intent as to what you will do with those messages.

We tell you that you are hearing it, you hear it in your heart, but you are still not clear on what your true will is. Nothing manifests for your highest good unless it is your true will.

If you want us to tell you what you should do and what you should not do, we can not, for that is not our role and that is not how we serve you best..we the Angels serve only your true will and the Divine Will.

We help to illuminate your true will— for you and all to see.”

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