No Change = No Life

no change no lifeIn the 1960’s President John F. Kennedy reminded the nation of a universal truth that applies to all life on earth. He eloquently stated that “the one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is unchangeable or certain.” Since it is clear to all that we live in a dynamic world of change and uncertainty, why is it that we fear “change” and “the unknown” more than anything else?
Many holistic and spiritual teachers say that the two primary emotions from which all other feelings sprout are love and fear. Whether true or not, it is evident that both are highly contagious and spread infectiously when introduced to the human psyche. From the perspective of holism and quantum physics, fear and love are energies of differing frequency and vibration like everything else…as all things are energy!

Fear is an energy that manifests in our bodies as stress, which subsequently releases stress hormones, shortens breathing, tightens muscles, and constricts blood vessels. The effects of fear on the mind are even greater, often pushing the mind into a state of frenzy. A negative reaction to the presence of strong fear can completely cause us to abandon freedom and restrict ourselves to limiting thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that we associate with the fear.

When looking at the holistic laws of nature we see that change is a constant. Every day we produce new cells and even produce entirely new organs, making it a fact that each day we are not the same as we were the day before. Within a seven year cycle our bodies have changed so much that all of the cells and organs in the body have been completely replaced. Profound and huge changes, completely unknown to us, are happening in our bodies every day in order to ensure that we live. Without those mysterious changes happening within us there would be no life. No change = no life. If we trust the beating of our hearts, the breathing of our breath, and our vital life functions to the unknown and the natural cycles of change, we may also choose to trust and embrace change for what it really is: the catalyst for all growth and evolution.

Quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf says that “the things we fear the most are what thrills us the most,” alluding to the fact that the unknown is what allows for the thrill of discovery. Without the unknown there would be no discovery, no adventure, and no quest in life. The unknown is the key that makes something or someone fun, enticing, exciting, seductive, and alluring. Would sports or games be exciting if we knew every time what the outcomes would be? Would a romance be enticing if we knew everything about our partner? The unknown permeates all of the experiences in our lives that we love and value the most. If we trust our most cherished experiences to the natural processes of the unknown, we may also choose to trust and embrace the unknown for what it really is…the Sacred Mystery that makes life worth living.

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