Offerings of Gratitude

Dear Friends, I am now sharing with all of you a special message from the Archangel Michael that I channeled that applies even more today than ever before. I published this message in chapter 6 of my self-published book ‘The Teaching of Archangel Michael: A Handbook for Humanity.’ If you have the book then you can read the full message of what came before and after these teachings. Also published in the book is a step by step outline of the very simple yet profoundly powerful ritual/ceremony that Archangel Michael describes in this message. If you do not have the book and would like to order a copy please go to my online web store.

In this message, Archangel Michael reveals to us that we are all needing to do ceremony as a part of our daily lives in order to restore balance once again. According to the angels, things are really out of balance right now in our culture and in our world, and this indicates an imbalance within us. AA Michael describes this as the imbalance between our giving and receiving, and in this message provides a detailed ceremony that he recommends we all do as many times as needed for bringing our inner masculine and feminine, our giving and receiving back into balance. In the process/ceremony that Archangel Michael gives us there is one thing that stands out to me as the key to the success of the ritual—GRATITUDE. As we see in this sacred ceremony, it is gratitude that opens our hearts and makes all things possible.I encourage you all to seek the guidance of the Angels, Guides, & Masters working with you in your life, as they can help to bring us peace, balance, and certainty during these uncertain times. Be grateful for all the blessings in your life and the role that these wondrous beings play in helping to bring those blessings about.
Blessings of Love, Light, and Gratitude,
Rev. Ana Jones

Message from Archangel Michael
Balancing Our Giving and Receiving through Offerings of Gratitude

Archangel Michael“Adonai Elohim Adonai, Elohim, Adonai, Elohim. It is I the Archangel Michael that speaks these sacred words. I resonate and vibrate these two sacred names of God for you to hear at this time and for those vibrations to be felt within your heart. These are two names of innumerable names that represent and call upon directly the one true infinite source of all sources, cause of all causes, the one true being of all beings, essence of all that is divine, God of all forms and of all creations.

I start this message with the Adonai Elohim chant because you ask me for a meditation. You ask me to continue in my message about ceremony and ritual and this is the first part of the meditation that I will give you, the first part of a practice in which I encourage you to do, each and every human being upon this planet. I encourage this practice every day of your lives: a ritualistic ceremonial practice, a meditative practice of reciting aloud and silently. Chanting, harmonizing, toning, repeating, stating whatever holy name of the Divine that speaks to you, that connects you. Repeating it again and again and again as a way of keeping you connected in this time.

This Age in which you find yourself living is the age of winter, the age of darkness, the age of the decline of consciousness also known as the Iron Age. Also known as the Age of Kali, the goddess who oversees life, creation and destruction. In this age, as I have spoken, there is a decline of consciousness, a decreasing, a waning of the light that is natural in this age, similar to the time period in winter. It is a natural age just as there are seasons of the day, seasons of the moon, seasons of the year, seasons of one’s life.

The ages that the earth goes through is also broken down in similar seasons that cover and expand over vast time periods. This season, this age that humanity finds itself in began only 5000 years ago and extends many thousands of years still into the future. Similar to the winter it is the time of the waning of the light, like the winter solstice. The time of the waning of the light, but also considered to be a very auspicious time for great growth and great expansion to take place. A time where it is more needed than ever that the light be generated, called upon, and invoked. The work of raising one’s consciousness is be the most important, great work, and in this age, this season, it has just begun. You have not even reached the time period of the greatest waning which the new moon and the winter solstice represents. If you think of the energies of the new moon and you think of the energies of the winter solstice you will understand what the energies of this age are and of what is still to come.

The practices of regular ritual, ritual that is intentional, focused with intention to continue to generate light and to raise consciousness and to connect you are very important. In previous ages, such as the Golden Ages, it has been incredibly easy for those who lived to maintain consciousness and awareness. Incredibly easy to maintain connection and awareness of your interrelations with all things and with us and your most important relationship of all, to The Divine, one, true God of all being, of all faiths.

It is possible and it is ordained for there to be a Golden Age within this age, for there to be a Golden Age within the Age of Iron, a summer within the winter. Many light workers, many healers, many teachers, many ministers and many people of all faiths all over the world are acting and serving and working in the truth of that one true light. The one true light that does not exclude anyone but includes all, working within it, as part of the Golden Age within this Iron Age.

The few years between now and the year 2012 are vitally important in the creation of the Golden Age. Setting the structure, setting the foundation for that to be. You will not see it manifest during this time. Think of it as if you are building it from the foundation and you are building it on the etheric level. Think of it as an umbrella within the storm which many, many will come to know and come to experience. But the age of Kali, this Iron Age, this winter that you are finding yourself in, this winter of consciousness, this waning of the light, it is yet increasing and will continue to increase as well. The effects on all of you, even those reading this who have been on a spiritual path for a long time, the effects of this will be very powerful and can be very deceiving and very deluding. This is the reason why I repeatedly, again and again, tell you the importance of daily spiritual practice, of daily ritual, of ceremony, of meditation and of prayer.

Meditation and prayer are easy places to begin and start out with for daily practice. However, it does take commitment and dedication for there will be all things that can deter you. Everything possible that can deter you from that practice will come along your path from time to time. This is the reason why ceremony and ritual are also important as a way of focusing that prayer and meditation and also as a way to continue to dedicate yourself to your regular practice and to your visions and your purpose in life.

I encourage you to do dedication ceremonies, ceremonies where you dedicate your intentions and powerfully state your will. One powerful dedication ceremony that is performed regularly amongst all the human race is the wedding ceremony. It is when two people dedicate themselves to one another. Dedicate their intentions and make vows to one another. Ceremonies like this are not intended to just be performed only once in a couples life. Nor is it to be the only type of dedication ceremony that one will experience in ones life, for there are so many other things that you need to dedicate yourselves to. Open your creativity to where you have the creative flow coming through, the intuition coming through because you will need to create some of these rituals and ceremonies for yourselves. You will not find them in a book, you will not find them being offered by others though there are those teachers and ministers who are being called to create new ceremonies and new rituals in order to serve the needs of the people during this modern age.

Ceremonies that dedicate yourself to your higher purpose, to your higher calling, to your great work even if you do not know what that is, you begin by doing a ceremony of dedicating yourself to know your great work and to live that and to do that no matter what it takes. Simply doing a ceremony where THAT is your dedication, where THAT is the vow you make. And doing that and making that vow and coupling that with the making of an offering in whatever way is right. It can be through an offering of lighting a candle, or an offering of something that you give to the earth. Anything that comes from your heart and has meaning and symbolism to you and whose symbolism has deep meaning that speaks deep into your unconscious mind will be valuable. The power of what you set into motion will be beyond what your comprehensive mind will be able to comprehend and understand. You will set energies into motions. Do dedication ceremonies for anything that you wish to dedicate yourself to, for anything in which you are struggling with. You can use journaling as a tool to help you get clear on what it is that you want to say and want to dedicate yourself to.

Also important in addition to dedication ceremonies are purification ceremonies and rituals that help to give back and balance the great imbalance that exists between so much of human kind and the earth. There is a sacred law, a natural law, a universal law, that all must live within. And that is in order for all things to be in balance there must be a balance of giving and receiving. That which you give and that which you receive must be kept in balance. This balance has been thrown off now for quite some time and will intensify during this age of which I am speaking. This imbalance will intensify unless you do some form of ritual, prayer, or meditation regularly. Focus your will and your intention on being in balance and bringing this imbalance of that which is given and that which is received back into harmony once again.

One of the ways in which this can be done, and there are many ways, is through simple rituals where you offer back something to the earth for all that you have received. You may not necessarily think that you receive much or that you take much from the earth, but the modern lives in which most of the people listening to this and who will come into contact with these words, the modern lives which you lead takes great amounts from the earth, each and every one of you. In order for this balance to be restored, you must give back. It doesn’t have to be great things at first, but small things done in a great way. For the healing and the restoration and also the creation of the Golden Age within this Iron Age depends upon not necessarily what you do, but how you do it, the consciousness in which you do it. Small things done in a great way with great intention, with great love, with great sincerity, with great compassion will have just as much an effect as any large thing that you could do or offer.

I say ‘that you could do,’ because it is also a possibility that you are offering back your ritual as an action in the world. An action that you choose to take for your rituals can very well be actions that you choose to take to serve this world. But there also needs to be the other types of rituals, the small offerings. So what I am going to do, is outline for you a ritual that you can do, that anyone can do and encourage anyone and everyone who hears of this ritual to do it once, twice, as much as you like, as much as you can whenever you feel you need it.

There is preparation for this ritual. First and foremost the intention of this ritual is to bring you back into balance, to bring this imbalance that I have been speaking of back into harmony once again. To bring you into balance with remembering who you are, with remembering what you need to remember. And to bring you into balance with your dharma, your purpose within this age. Each of you hearing this message or who may read these words from this message or are coming across this, it is being brought into your path because you have a specific role and purpose that you are playing within this age for the creation of the Golden Age within the Iron Age. It will also align you with Divinity in such a way that can bring you great insight, vision, and intuition.

For preparation, first begin with the day before choosing to do this ritual. The day before fast from all foods except fruits and vegetables that are raw and super fresh and alive. Begin also the day before by bathing or showering oneself in Rose water. Also do this on the day you do the ritual, before performing the ritual. Rosewater can be pre-made or rosewater can be made simply through soaking rose petals in water. The day of performing the ritual, bathe yourself in this rosewater and apply to all of the energy centers of your body, the essence or essential oil of angelica or white angelica. Wear the color of white as your dominant color of clothing, but pick any other color that connects to you that may have meaning or purpose to you that you would also add as an accent. And pick ahead of time a power place for you, preferably a place where all of the elements are present: earth, air, water, and fire. And if it is a place where you cannot have fire or build fire, do the ceremony during the day on a day in which the sun is high in the sky and the fire is there present in the light of that sun. Doing it in a power place also is important and anytime that you can do this ceremony at a time that is in alignment with sacred time, sacred times for the earth or sacred high holy days attributed to religious spiritual days, special days of significance. Equinoxes, solstices, new moons, full moons, eclipses, as well as any other significant holy days. Any day will work for this ritual, but to get the most effect of it, align yourself with a sacred space and sacred time. It may also be a sacred time for you such as a birthday, an anniversary, an anniversary of a passage or a transformation, or anniversary of a death. It may also be a sacred time for you personally, anything that makes it sacred to you. Take with you offerings, an offering for the earth, for the air, for the fire, for the water.

For the water take sea salt, for the earth take cornmeal, for the air take a feather to be offered to the air and for the fire take wood, wood that you have chosen specifically as an offering and that you offer with specific intentions of gratefulness and thankfulness.

One of the main things that you also need to give back is your gratitude. When these things are offered, when you go to the sacred space, on this sacred time, with these offerings, offer them to the earth, air, fire, and water with great gratitude for all that you have received. Offer them with humility, with gratitude, with compassion, with love. Be truly thankful for the many blessings in your life and the complete interdependence of all of those blessings and the very fact that your life is dependent upon the earth and the air and the fire and the water.

Then also take an offering for all of the angels and guides that work in your life. For all of the angels and guides that are in a relationship with you that are constantly there in your company, in your presence at all times, being with you, loving you, working with you side by side. Doing with you, not for you, but with you, as your constant companions in the spiritual world. Take an offering and offer it with the same gratitude of giving something back, with the same attitude of gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation, humility and love. Let that offering be whatever speaks to you. It could be a crystal or a stone of some kind. It could be anything that represents that to you but make sure it is not anything that will harm the earth, as you will be leaving this offering behind. You will not take it back with you for you must give something here. Make sure it is something natural and pure. For that is what the nature of our relationship is with you and that is the nature of who we are. Our nature is natural and pure. In fact we are known, we are recognized through our purity, through our clarity. So remember that in the choosing of your offering.

And last but certainly not least, for in essence it is the most important, bring an offering in which you offer to the Creator, to the God of all beings, of all life of all creation, the Divine Mother and Father of the entire universe. The most important thing when choosing this offering once again is to make sure that it is pure and natural and that you offer your love, that you offer your love. Gratitude will help get you there. Concentrate on 108 prayers of gratitude that you offer to the Creator. And after the 108 prayers of gratitude your heart will be open enough to be able to offer your love and your praise.

Through praising you offer your love and this brings me full circle to the way that I began this message. Through the reverberation of those holy name vibrations, through the holy names of the Creator praise and love can be offered and connection and communion can come into being. Union with the Divine, within your own soul for truly you are one, your soul and the Lover of Soul. You truly are one. After making all of those offerings, sit in silence. Meditate on your breath and be fully present in the moment. Take in the fullness of the moment, listening to all sounds, feeling all feelings. In that meditation which is also a meditation that you can do at all times, focus on quieting your mind, but heightening your awareness, to where all that you see, all that you hear, all that you feel, all that you smell, all that is stimulating your being is perceived as God’s touch. Perceived as the Creator everywhere. Omnipresent, Omnipotent, all around you and within you. There will be peace in this state, there is love in this state, and there is joy, joy of connection, joy of union and communion. If you attempt to do this meditation after making your offerings and you still do not reach some semblance of what I described, then return to prayer and in your prayers purify yourself through offering over all the things that burden you through offering over, giving it over, giving it away those fears, those doubts, the anger, the pessimism, the cynicism, the worry, the anxiety, whatever it is. Pray until you feel it release and shift. Until at least in that moment and in that moment is the most important moment for current moment is the only moment, in that moment you have given it away and then return to the meditation once again.

If you are in a power place that is not only a power place for you but is also a vortex of energy, a power place for the earth and you do this meditation you will find it much easier to do. Currently, the energetic body of the earth is being realigned to help to compensate for the things that are being done to the physical body of the earth by the harm that is being done by unconscious human action. The energy body is being changed. The energy body is being transformed. There is currently the undergoing of new power places on this earth and transformation of some of the places that used to be power places that will no longer be. The new power places will come into being. There will actually be some shifts in the locations of some of the chakras within the earth. But then there are those chakras that will remain that have been chakras, vortexes of energy, power places on the earth for a great long period of time, long before this age and will continue through this age. Those chakras, those power places, the energies there are being amplified and being made stronger than ever before. At some point in time everyone who is in alignment with this message will be called to connect with them and to do ceremony and ritual. Either the one that I have outlined here or others that you will create or will be channeled through in the future in those places for your personal healing and balance, for the earth’s healing and re-balance, for the healing of all beings everywhere and for the re-establishment of heaven on earth during this age of the waning.

For the victory of the light I offer this message to you. Victory to that light and to all beings everywhere.”


    • Eileen
    • November 13, 2023

    Magnificent message, thank you Anna for making this possible ❤️ question please what is the 108 prayers referring to a specific prayer or the number of single prayers offered?
    Blessings! Eileen

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