Operating From A Different Paradigm

“Every blade of grass has an angel over it whispering grow… grow… grow!”
– The Jewish Talmud

The Angels are always with us, and always helping to guide us. Posted below is a message from the Angels that I excerpted and edited from a transcript of an actual Angelic Communication Session. The subject of this message is one that pertains to us all.angels are always with us Whether you believe in Angels or not, may the wisdom contained within it help you on your own personal spiritual path!

Angel Blessings,
Rev. Ana Jones

“Acting on your true will, you will manifest magnificent things in your life, magnificent joy and love.”
– The Angels (as channeled by Rev. Ana Jones)


From Twin Angels Laura and Lauriel as channeled through Ana Jones

“Many changes are happening on the earth and there are many other angels and guides (an unlimited number) that are communicating to others about the earth changes and the earth transformations. Each of you have a role. In the next few years there will be much determined for the future of humanity and the future of the earth.

You play a role because you have evolved yourself enough, you have awoken enough that you are able to hear these words now and know this truth within yourself, to be able to feel this truth within your being. It is not the majority that we need to make the necessary shifts in consciousness. Instead it is a minority of those who have the ears to hear, the heart to truly listen, of those who have the courage to truly act and to live in their truth by the greatest standards that they can possibly set for themselves–by the greatest nobility and the greatest amount of impeccability that they can possibly muster for themselves.

This is a call going out to all who have the ears to hear and the heart to listen. Hearing this is one thing, and listening is another. To listen it will take you truly tapping into your heart and the courage that you have there. Get past the stubbornness of your mind and the ego that continues to play tricks on you. The ego continues to make you think that you have to be forced into changes, and that you have to find yourself in extremely difficult forced situations before you can choose change. This is a stubborn trick of the ego and the mind that is a very old pattern.

It is time that you begin to changing this pattern and operate from a different paradigm, from a different pattern that is emerging and can easily emerge from the shift in consciousness that has taken place in you. Within your heart lies the courage, the faith and the trust to make the changes that you need to make. A certain time is winding down. The time for you to be where you are is coming to an end. Surrender to the divine will as it is moving through your life.

Here you are now, struggling with what you are struggling with, blinded in many ways by what the mind and ego want you to see. You must continue to develop spiritual practices, meditation practices that help you to identify the ego-mind and discern it from the soul and the voice of the inner teacher, which is the intuition. There is still a great deal of work to do in this area that will continue on for a long time to come. But when you are trying to figure out the answers, when you are asking us to give to you the guidance, you must put yourself in an open, receptive state. You must practice a meditation in which you learn to control your mind, and ultimately to control your own life force so that ultimately you can receive.

Balance Your Giving and Receiving

One of the greatest imbalances that we wish to speak to you about is the imbalance that currently exists between giving and receiving. The imbalance of drawing energy in and putting energy out. It is difficult to explain the many ways in which this imbalance manifests but we can tell you that it is natural law. It is a sacred, universal law that that which is given be received and that which is received be given–that there always be a balance between that which is given and that which is received.

One thing which proves this to you, which can help you to reflect on this is the breath. There is the in breath and the out breath. There is that which is received, the in breath, and there is that which is given out, recirculated out with the out breath. This simple meditation–meditating on the breath and trying to equalize and balance the two so that they are equal to one another–will help you to do so in all the other areas of your life in which this balance needs to occur.

In many areas of your life, you are receiving more than you realize. You are receiving so much more than you are consciously letting yourself see and be aware of. For all that you are receiving and not giving out, there is an imbalance. There is an imbalance, for example, of all that you are receiving from the earth, for the abundance and prosperity that is in your life that is so much more than thousands if not hundreds of thousands of other people in this world. There is so much that you are receiving and there is a need for balance, for how much you give to be balanced.

Give more by consciously participating, not only by giving money more freely and giving it to those things that you really believe in and actively living in your truth. Also give other things: like your actions, your words, your deeds, your prayers, your blessings. And one of most important things of all that you can give is gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation. This is one of the keys to helping you stay clear and in balance. When the balance between that which you are receiving and that which you are giving is out of balance, send out gratitude, feeling and expressing it. Gratitude will help you to open your heart to forgiveness. Gratitude will help you to open your eyes to see beyond the immediate images of what seems good and what seems bad and see that there is far more to it than that.

There are energetic shifts taking place in your body, some on the right side, some on the left side. Those energetic shifts are speaking to you directly about the imbalance between giving and receiving. Even though there are many areas of your life in which you are not giving as much as you are receiving there is also the opposite imbalance that occurs in other areas of your life. In other areas of your life you are giving too much of yourself. What you are receiving is not equal to that which you are giving if you factor in?the time and life force energy of mind and spirit.

There are areas of your life in which the imbalance between giving and receiving is off in both directions. The left side of your body is the receptive, feminine side of your body. The right side of your body is the masculine, giving, and directive, active side of your body. These imbalances that we are ultimately speaking of are also imbalances between the male and female energies within you, between your own masculinity and your own femininity that ultimately are a part of who you are. One way in which you have kept yourself balanced in the past is to go from one extreme to another extreme to another extreme back and forth between the two. That is one way of balancing, but it is not the best way.

Bring more things into balance, and listen with your heart and body… these imbalances are real, they are occurring, you are experiencing them energetically. Sometimes when you are asking us to give you something, what you really need to be doing in your prayer is giving us back your thankfulness, your appreciation, your love, your energy, your desire to serve and be in relationship with us. Sometimes in doing that it enables us to energetically do more.

Regarding this imbalance between how much you are receiving and how much you are giving, we want you to think of it like this: reflect on what we have said about the in breath and the out breath. Every time in which you have the desire to receive and you are in that mode of wanting, desiring, asking, seeking, you are in that mode of drawing to you. To receive, invoke, that is the in breath. However you cannot just inhale, inhale, inhale, and inhale. At some point you must exhale. The breath actually begins not with the inhale, but with the exhale. You can only draw into yourself and receive as much as you have given, as much as you have released, as much as you have let go of.

You could never inhale, you could never fill yourself, if there were not emptiness first. So the breath ultimately begins with the exhale. So in order to receive, in order to draw in that which you are asking for and invoking, you must have the exhale, you must empty, give and release. In your prayers this can be accomplished very easily by beginning with prayers of gratitude or praise, praising and thanking, then asking and receiving. When you do this there is a big difference in how you feel, a big difference in how things manifest. The patterns of manifestation are changing in your life. Things no longer have to manifest in the ways in which they have been. You must participate in them consciously–conscious co-creation of the patterns of manifestation in your life.

Intention is: What You Want and Why You Want It

One of the keys to conscious co-creation is to not just know what you want, but be clear in why you want it. Know that your intention is not only what you want, but it is why you want it. Your intention should be self-oriented and yet self-less at the same time in order for there to be true balance in that intention. Say for example that your intention is to reconnect and reunite with your twin soul. That intention is very much for yourself, for your happiness, for your wholeness, for your peace and your joy. And that is ‘what’ you want. But ‘why’ do you want it? In order to make sure this intention is balanced it should also be coupled with a self-less reason, a self-less purpose. The ‘why’ you want to be reunited with your twin soul should also be coupled with the desire for the two of you, once reunited, to be of service to God, humanity, the earth–and to do the great work that you are meant to do for benefit all beings.

This is the selfless aspect of the intention. When the intention is balanced and whole in this way, the patterns of manifestation in your life begin to change and you begin to co-create and manifest consciously in your life, the destiny and the true will that is within you. In addition to clarifying your intentions, and remembering always that energy flows where your attention goes, there is yet another key element to Conscious Co-creation. That is your true will. There are many things you want and have desires for. Not all of these things are of your true will.

Weed Out Your Fears

In order for you to live your truth and be one of the ones who can live your truth to the best of your ability, you must know your truth. Be honest with yourself. Weed out the wants and the likes and the dislikes from those things that are truly the most important to you. Weed out your fears. This does not mean that they will go away. For like all weeds, they continue to grow back and it requires a good gardener to continuously tend and cultivate that garden of truth, the garden of self-awareness. You know it in your heart even though your mind does not comprehend it. Acting on your true will, you will manifest magnificent things in your life, magnificent joy and love.

Use the power of your will also to make choices that really are in harmony with your beliefs. We cannot emphasize this enough. Spiritual life and earthly life, your physical/material and spiritual life, are not separated. Please remember that even though these things that we describe to you seem hard and some of them sound intimidating, it is always more painful and more devastating to choose to be ignorant to your truth, or to choose to go in an opposite direction of your flow. To choose to swim upstream, rather than to go with the flow of how that stream of your destiny is moving you, is much harder.

The Quickening

All big changes in some ways are like deaths, a death cycle. Not death in the sense of physical death, but in the sense of an ending and a beginning. There is no such thing as an ending without a beginning. We use the word death here because it helps you to identify that those intense transformations happen on all levels, include a time of grieving of sorts that one also goes through. Because of The Quickening and the fact that things are accelerating, you will feel some of this. The Quickening will help you go quickly through it and we will lift you on Our Wings whenever you feel you need it most–to help you soar through things that in previous times would have taken a very long time.Your energy all the way down to the cellular level, all the way down to the DNA, has been restructuring, readying and preparing you. You didn’t think that this was all it was preparing you for, did you? You have known there is more and there will be more. It is about the journey, not about the destination. Every destination you reach, every goal which you accomplish, the journey will continue on. Put your confidence in that.

The Only Constant is ‘Change’

Set your belief that you can be safe and secure in believing in the journey and putting your safety and security in God’s hands and in the journey itself. It is the only thing that is guaranteed. The only constant is change, the only constant is the journey, and the only constant is God. These are the only things that you can cling to for your safety and security in all times and in all situations. These are the only things that are permanent, the only things in which there can be any attachment. Attachment to the impermanent only leads to pain and suffering, grief and fear. This is the path of self-mastery that you walk.”

” It requires a good gardener to continuously tend and cultivate the garden of truth, the garden of self-awareness.”
– The Angels (channeled by Ana Jones)

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