Shift Happens

shift happensThe first law of thermodynamics states that “everything is made of energy that can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed from one form into another.” Particle physics has proven that all that we are and all that is around us is made of nothing but this energy and that matter, the physical body included, is eternal energy in a continuous state of dynamic interplay, perpetual movement, and constant flux. Thus, the holistic universal laws of the natural world have already predetermined that everything in the world of matter will change because everything in the world of matter IS change.

The bottom line is this: Shift Happens.

Shift happens every day and at every moment in our body, mind, and emotions. Shift happens in our personal lives, in our families, in our work lives, and in our world. It is an absolute fact that everything will change. Thus, the real question is not “will things change”, but instead when will things change and how will things change? Smaller things can change quickly and larger things can appear to take more time. An example of a larger shift is happening in our world right now. As the times we are living in are times of deep transformation of the paradigm upon which we have structured the foundations of our lives.

Dr. Edmund Bourne author of ‘Global Shift’ writes in his book: “A worldview shift is part of a broader change that includes a far-reaching cultural, economic, and political restructuring of society. Such a shift happened in Europe during the Renaissance, and also much earlier in ancient Greece. This time it is happening globally and, unlike the past, it may occur rapidly, over several decades rather than one or two centuries.”

We know that, in each of our personal lives, shift happens. We change: from children to adults, from single to married, from young to old, from working to retired, from birth to death. When we view these personal changes as crises only, we experience stress, chaos and sometimes breakdown. If we view these inevitable changes as ‘rites of passage,’ each of these personal shifts can also be exciting, educational, and transformative.

The same is true for the Global Shift happening now. If we see the coming change as a worldwide rite of passage, we may embrace that it will represent and courageously play our role as co-creators within it. Just as we inevitably embrace the shift from one stage of life to another, let us embrace the zeitgeist ( spirit of the age) of these times and embrace this new stage of life for humanity. The first step is to accept change, and then we embrace the possibility of a different (and potentially much better) world. We can envision and begin to create a kinder, wiser and more inclusive global village.

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