Teachings on the Life and Past Times of Yeshua – A Message from Archangel Metatron

Divino MaestroTeachings on the Life and Past Times of Yeshua
A Message from The Archangel Metatron

Aloha Everyone!

The following is an enlightening spiritual message from the Archangel Metatron. This message has been excerpted from a personal reading that I originally channeled in spoken word and now have edited into written word with the intention of sharing it with a wider audience. All personal information has been removed leaving only the universal wisdom teachings that can apply to us all during these times of transformation. During this angelic communication session many questions were asked about the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. This newsletter contains Archangel Metatron’s response to those questions. Even though this angelic communication session did not happen recently I thought it was the perfect Message. The subject of this message is one that is relevant to all of us, here and now. Whether you believe in Angels or not, may the wisdom contained within this newsletter help you on your own personal spiritual path.

If you’d like to share it with others please feel free to forward this in it’s entirety, with the copyright info and credits to your friends and loved ones.

This message is a bit lengthy even after editing but it’s well worth the read!

In Love and Light,
Rev. Ana Jones

Teachings on The Life and Past Times of Yeshua from Archangel Metatron

Channeled by Rev. Ana Jones

It is I the Archangel Metatron who chooses to respond to your questions and intentions at this time. In your mind it may make sense for Sananda/Yeshua to speak directly for Himself. But what I can tell you is that Yeshua’s humility is great, and if you wish to receive more details of Yeshua’s complete story it is best to receive that through the messengers and through what I am to deliver to you today.

It is not the same to hear the story the way that he describes it, because his humility keeps him from sharing some of the grand and magnificent aspects of it. Just as if you were to share the story of your life, your humility would keep you from explaining some of the things the same way that someone who knows you and loves you and sees the grandness and greatness of your life could explain that and share it. However, that being said, it does not mean that Sananda’s/Yeshua’s own telling of the story is not important.

For now, however, I choose to speak to you about this and to let you know that we are so thankful and grateful that you have asked these questions because there is so much confusion and misunderstanding. I cannot say that today, in these limited words and in this limited time, I will be able to dispel all of that confusion for you. I cannot say nor promise you that today, in this limited time and in these limited words, that the whole Truth will be known.

The Whole Truth is revealed throughout one’s whole journey and throughout the whole of time. The Whole Truth is revealed in your relationship with the Divine and in your relationship with the whole manifestation of the Divine. The Whole Truth is experienced and learned in your explorations with the Whole.

Desiring to understand everything at once is one of the greatest mistakes that human beings make; believing that one can conceive of the inconceivable (immediately). You continue to think that you can understand the inconceivable Whole Truth in a moment, in a word, in a concept that is in and of itself—and of its own nature—limited by nature.

That which is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient is without limitation. To know the Whole, those limitations must be removed; the Whole must be approached differently. That said, there is a great deal of clarity that can be added to your current understanding and that is my intention today.

The first thing that you have asked about is the Crucifixion, the Crucifixion of Christ, Yeshua. The secrets, the mysteries were indeed known by the Essenes, but especially a group within them who call themselves the Kaloo. The Kaloo can now be traced to the Essenes only by those who have the memory or whose memory is being triggered. They hold the mystery teachings of their Mystery School. The Essenes could be seen as a great mystery school of ancient times, and the Kaloo that you are asking about are keepers and bearers of some of those greatest mysteries.

There is a reason why they are called “mysteries.” And the most wise and illumined ones of ancient and of modern days know that it doesn’t matter how much you know, how much you understand, because what you are attempting to know and understand is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. There will always be a mystery element to it. Those who were the greatest adepts then (and now) within the mystery schools always honor The Mystery because they know that no matter how much you know, you still do not know all, you still are not omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. There will always be The Mystery.

I begin to speak to you about the Mystery first because it needs to be honored, first and last. Regardless of the details I give you today, the Mystery is foremost and it is to be honored in the end and the beginning. Because there is far more than what you can understand. Because the Christ that was crucified and resurrected in that time and in that place, and whose stories you can read and hear and have been told for millennia, is indeed a Divine avatar.

This word avatar is an ancient word from an ancient language; it is a language connected to the Language of Light, which is the language of the Angels. There are very few languages left on the planet that originate from the Language of Light. Sanskrit is one of those languages. The sanskrit word “avatar” indicates The Presence, the Divine presence, the Divine energy of God that expands from God—an expansion that descends and incarnates upon the Earth. Indeed Yeshua is such an expansion; Yeshua is an avatar. The more you understand about avatars the greater your understanding will be. For God has the ability to expand infinitely into all beings, yes. But not all beings (even though they are nothing but God) are avatars, avatars are direct expansions of a personal quality, trait, mission, or purpose of the Heart, the Heart of God. There is no other way to explain this in your limited language.

The Sacred Heart teachings will take you deeper and deeper into your mystical explorations of these things. The reason why the highest spiritual path for one to follow is the path of personal mysticism is because that is your personal exploration into the Mystery. Your personal revelations will come through that mystery. Personal explorations into the Sacred Heart will reveal more to you about this.

There is another question which has not been asked today; a very important question to answer in helping you to understand what the Crucifixion was, why it happened, why it occurred, why all these things happened. There is a phrase (used in other cultures more than it is used in yours) called “past times.” The Past Times of God, the Divine Past Times are to be considered, and there is so much more to it than just the passing of time. So I will use your own past times to describe it to you. When you have a lifetime, an incarnation, there are many past times that you play out in that lifetime. Those past times are directly the things that bring you the experience that you are meant to have, the growth you are meant to have, the lessons you are meant to learn. They bring you the spiritual evolution that is meant to come about. But these are human past times, so there is a lot of learning and a lot of growing involved.

The Divine past times, the Past Times of God, are described by the sanskrit word “Leela,” a word coming from the origin of the Language of Light, a word which means the Dance/Play of the Light, the Dance/Play of God. These past times, or this dance and play of God, however you choose to refer to it, are all to help you approach your relationship with the Divine. Every past time of every avatar (and there have been many expansions, direct expansions and indirect expansions, yet all incarnations of Divinity) is to help you deepen in that relationship.

So thus we come to the past time of the Crucifixion. The first thing I can say is to use this word Leela, meaning the “Dance or Play of Light”, or the “Dance or Play of God.” This Leela, which indeed it was, was to help you in your relationship with the Divine, with God. This past time is for all of those who carry guilt, shame, blame, anger, all of those things that make them feel unworthy, undeserving, and disempowered. The list of emotions goes on and on, ultimately to be inclusive of all of those things that become the reasons and the excuses that people use to disempower themselves and to disconnect themselves. All of those things which make them say they are unworthy or undeserving of a relationship with God, or unworthy or undeserving of God’s Love, or even more so, that God is going to punish them.

This Leela, this past time, was indeed for all of those things to be cleared away. This was the purpose of the Crucifixion: for all of those things to be cleared away. It was the original intention, and it is still the intention. Shame, blame, fear is to be cleared. And while there are many who understand that this intention was there, they’ve continued to use the emotions of blame, shame, guilt, fear, and anger to perpetuate their interpretation and understanding of how one should react to the Crucifixion, what one should think or believe about the Crucifixion, rather than simply just let it do what it was meant to do. It was an example, a Divine Leela, a past time of God to show and demonstrate complete and utter surrender and love, and in doing so to reveal through that which came next, the Resurrection of the Truth.

What is this Truth? The Truth that there is no death; that death is an illusion.

The Crucifixion and the Resurrection both combined were Divine Past Times to reveal to you and to everyone how to release all of these things, all of these fears. The lesson is to release anger, greed, blame, shame, all of the things that disempower you and disconnect you and keep you from engaging in that relationship with the Divine and being who you really are. And to remind you, through the Resurrection, of who you really are—that there is no death, there is only eternal life, for who you are is a spirit soul. You may not be an avatar like Christ, but you are an eternal spirit soul.

Yeshua was an avatar; yet it was very, very crucial that he be seen, felt, and known by his humanness. It was crucial that all of his humanness be revealed to reflect to you who you are and the Truth of your reality. It was crucial to inspire you to surrender, to release all of those debilitating emotions once and for all, to be willing to release everything and anything, for the Highest purpose and to serve the Highest Good. It was a crucial example so that you can be ready and willing at all times in every way, in every situation to be a living model of True Forgiveness, to be a living model of Unconditional Love. This was the mission of the Christ avatar, to be a living model of Unconditional Love, to show you who you are, that you are indeed eternal.

You asked about the Resurrection and the reappearance after the Resurrection. The physical body after the Resurrection, the physical body of Yeshua, was not the way that you see and feel a physical body at this time, it was literally transmuted into the Lightbody. And then at the Ascension the Lightbody became fully activated, the Merkabah became fully activated, and upon that full activation, ascended. The Ascension part of that past time, that part of the Divine Leela, was to show you, all of you, all of humanity, your future. Not only what is possible and what you are capable of, but what your destinies hold. Each one of these—the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, the Ascension— each past time was absolutely necessary and required. Without one of them, the others would not have had as much significance and potency. Had there been the Ascension without the Crucifixion or without the Resurrection, it would not have as much potency. Potency is to trigger things deep within you. The potency of all three of these past times combined is to trigger things within your DNA, things within your soul memory: to trigger your passions, your dreams, on the emotional and mental level, to trigger your compassion, to awaken your unconditional love.

All of these past times were possible because of unconditional love, for unconditional love, out of unconditional love. This part is absolutely True. But those who teach it and preach it as a reason for people to be afraid or as a reason for people to allow themselves to be even more disempowered, this is all motivated by corruption, this is all coercion and manipulation. The taking of that Truth and twisting it for one’s own personal agenda or personal gain has been happening again and again and again. But even this is to be forgiven, surrendered, and put into the light of unconditional love. Because all that is being triggered and all that is being awakened by these past times is being transformed, transmuted and healed through each one of these experiences. It is being transformed, transmuted and healed through each one of these perversions, coercions and manipulations. The healing can take place, it need not be difficult, it need not be painful. Some have a great deal of karma that they have to work out with this, and you cannot judge them as they are going through that karma.

Neither do you need to judge yourselves. The inner critic can be very harsh and needs to be forgiven and transcended, transcended into the Christ Consciousness. For what all are destined for in the journey of the ascension, in the process of the ascension, is the coming into Christ Consciousness: Self-realization and God-realization. This is Christ Consciousness, both combined, for Christ was a Self-realized human being and a Divine avatar simultaneously—he showed how to be Self aware and God Conscious. There are those who understand this and describe it in different ways. Every path, every tradition that exists will describe it differently. They use different terms than what I have given you today. Listen to the ones that resonate with the Truth within your own heart. Keep trusting that truth in your heart more and more and more, for you all still have many doubts.

We always encourage questioning, we do not encourage doubting. So continue to question further. The answers I have given you here today are to further you on your quest. I encourage you to lift any of those doubts, any of those veils that disguise or hide those doubts, to that place of acceptance. For you are indeed being asked to accept all things, all beings, all Truth. And here is where the difficulty lives: how do you accept all things, all beings, all Truth when not everything is True? There is truth in everything but not everything is true. Herein lies the struggle of everyone who knew Yeshua and everyone who has come since Yeshua. What I can tell you is that the key to the end to this struggle is to not collapse that Truth into one idea or one concept. That way you can accept that presence of Truth, in the spirit of Truth, everywhere and in all things, without limiting it. It is difficult to describe, but it is the path that Yeshua took and The Way that Yeshua described and taught.

Yeshua taught worldwide during what is described as the lost years. There are mystery school stories and teachings that speak of his journeys to the Americas, North and South, that speak of his journeys to every major continent on the Earth—Asia, Europe, Africa. And while some of those stories are not public and remain within the mystery schools that still exist, mystics still carry these stories and teachings. Many are known and many have been revealed.

Yeshua’s was a journey in which he approached each and every group of people throughout the world that he connected with in a way resonant with how they approached him. He didn’t present his culture to them; he didn’t present the Jewish culture to them. He taught them The Way in their culture, the way that it can be lived and experienced and in alignment with the Truth that is omnipotent and ever present within their culture. This is another mistake that so many people make: they think that The Way and the culture that are described in the sacred books and sacred texts which describe Yeshua’s life and long before Yeshua’s life, that those things, those pearls of wisdom, those essential universal teachings all have to maintain the same cultural perspective. No. The cultural perspective changes.

In fact you must always, every time you read those sacred texts, always, always take into consideration the cultural perspective that is within it, the cultural perspective that that Universal Law or those Universal Teachings or that that Universal Truth is being manifest within. That cultural perspective must always be something that you are aware of and able to filter out when necessary. Bring it in when it is appropriate, when it is appropriate and when it feels right, and when needed filter it out in order to see the greater Truth that is there. For ultimately to see the whole Truth, the whole Truth of God, you must look at the Whole. How God is seen and known in every single culture is Universal, yet there are unique differences, unique faces and avatars of God that each of those cultures have experienced. These differences add to that depth of relationship, that depth of Love that can be there in that human-Divine relationship.

Yeshua did not impose a culture upon anyone, and indeed reciprocated with people of various cultures in the way in which he was approached. This is the same way that he dealt with those of the Jewish culture. It is the same way that he dealt with the Romans and the Roman culture. He reciprocated with them in the way in which he was approached. Why? This is very important. Because it is another thing that is not understood and is very confused and manipulated and twisted in its understanding. God reciprocates, responds and reacts to each and every one of you in the way in which you approach.

This is why there are so many different expressions, explanations, understandings and descriptions of the human-Divine relationship. The important thing is that reciprocation, to honor your free will that has been given to you as your most sacred Divine gift. In order that unconditional Love can be given and received, this reciprocity must be there. It is out of Love, for Love, and because of Love. The best example that you can have of this is with your own children. The best example that anyone can experience in human life of this is with one’s children—reciprocating with them in the way in which they approach you. This means not necessarily that you reciprocate in anger if they approach you in anger. That is not what I am saying, because when they are angry, they are afraid or confused or hurt. When one is approaching with anger, this isn’t really what one is approaching with. (They are approaching with a strong emotion). It is best to reciprocate to those strong emotions with strong emotions but by listening, comforting, helping, guiding, teaching, whatever is required, because you Love them. And because you Love them you want to see their highest good always come about. This is the best example that I can give you, even though it is still limited compared to the all-encompassing unconditional love that God has for all of you.

Yeshua used the ancient Aramaic name of “Aboon” to call God. This name I give to you today. It is both masculine and feminine, mother and father, in nature and in origin within its roots from the Aramaic language. That name is within the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer that was so important then and is still so important to you now. But as much as that prayer is and always will be important on your spiritual journey, it is now this one word, this name that I point out; and I want it to stand out. Why? Because another thing that stands out about this name is how personal it is. It is not impersonal. It is very personal. Love is not an impersonal thing. Knowledge, wisdom, reverence, all of these things, can be very impersonal and that is fine. They are all needed; both the personal and the impersonal are needed. But Love is very personal. It is very personal to Yeshua. And Yeshua has a very personal relationship with you.

This understanding is why I revealed this message. Sananda is the aspect of Christ that is the Cosmic Christ or the Universal Form of Christ. Yeshua is the personal. They are one and the same, yet they are different expansions or expressions of that one. For far too long, far too many people have made this more complicated than it has to be. Is it complex? Yes, absolutely. And with great complexity there tends to be a human tendency to take that complexity and to make it complicated for yourselves, turning complexity into complication. And I’ve attempted today to give you the most simple of answers; simple responses to these complex things.

Keep it simple and keep it pure. In Yeshua’s words, when he described that the meek would inherit the Earth, this did not mean the weak, as some have interpreted it. It means the Pure. And by inheriting the Earth he did not mean that you have ownership of, but that you would step into your empowerment as the servants, masters, and co-creators that you are, to co-create the future of this planet, the future of humanity.

Those who are pure of heart, pure in their intentions, who attempt to purify their consciousness to that place of pure Self-realization, pure God-consciousness will inherit the Earth. They will be the servants of God and the masters of co-creation to guide this planet forward to its destiny, to the ascension. For it is not just human beings who are ascending, the Earth is ascending. It is its destiny as well. And it doesn’t matter what age you are in your physical body. Physical age is of no importance. It is how you think, and how you feel. It is how certain you are, how clear, pure, and grounded in that knowing of who you are as a spirit soul—an ageless, eternal, immortal self.

I thank you for asking these questions today.

There will never be a time in which you know it all, or will have done it all. There will always be the Mystery.

This message is to excite and entice you, because Love is not alluring otherwise.


    • Noelle Barron
    • March 30, 2014

    Thank you. I have never had the Christ energy explained to me in a way that I could understand. I am searching for me, and I’m another step forward.

      • Fyrr Feary
      • December 11, 2015

      I’ve also never been able to understand these Wonderful Happenings. You have a knowledge that can only Be EXPLAINED AS UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE…..THANK YOU for Clarity

    • Angelic Killam
    • April 17, 2016

    I love this reading, this pure universal love, a Golden Key, a understanding of the Devine Truths. To know some of the Mystery, the Avatar the Light, the Time passing, The Leela, God Conciousness. I have been blessed to have found this news about the Assention into the light, and how it and the Merchaber were Activated. LOVE AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..the Golden Key of Gods All Know, All Loving, Omnipresent, an Omnipotentence. Becoming pure in the light, cleaning my spiritual inner house so the light can shine through cleaer.

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