The Great Awakening – Our Journey to Enlightenment

A Message from Avalokiteshvara, The Awakened One

 Channeled by Rev. Ana Jones

ascended beings“I am neither a guide nor an angel but an ascended being. Some would know me and call me a Buddha in the sense of what the term means, enlightened one, awakened one. Those who have understanding of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and numerous other higher beings associated with love and compassion who were working with the earth would know me by the name of Avalokateshvara, also known as the great being of light, the great awakened one, the great Buddha of light.

The Sleep has been something that you have experienced for sometime now. That is why it is called awakening, because it is like coming out of a deep sleep, a sleep that is like a cloud that covers the consciousness. The most important thing is to just simply awaken out of The Sleep and to stay awake, keep making the choice to stay awake. It does need to be a continual choice on your part. There is no going back, but you can fall asleep again. So you need to be diligent in your path in this life. Nurture your awakening, honor it. Engage yourself in it, body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Let your passion and your enthusiasm, your joy for this journey be your motivating force.

Enlightenment is not a dream. It is not a fantasy. There are those that walk upon this earth right now as embodiments of enlightenment, fully awakened ones. There are those who have attained this and have left this earth and serve it from other realms, from other dimensions, and other places in the Universe.

I am one such being that has fully awakened, that is fully enlightened and serves humanity now as a great being of light, that is who I am.

Broaden your awareness, you are to broaden the systems through which you learn and integrate paths into your one path for in this life. The journey to enlightenment is a journey to wholeness; it is the journey of integration, of synergy and synthesis, and of drawing all things into oneness and union.

Thus, there is a need for you to open and broaden your mind and your heart. Open and broaden, welcome in different beliefs, explore different paths, and learn to integrate them. Integration is the key to ensuring that you do not get lost in them. For you see, all of the great spiritual traditions of the world simply show the way. They are all showing the way: the way to enlightenment, the way to the ascended state of consciousness, the way to pure love, to your experience of the eternal truth, and the way home. They all are ‘The Way’, but they each can be entangling as well. It is important not to get entangled in the systems but to instead extract the essence and to integrate that essence.

You must cultivate depth and at the same time breadth in your journey, broadening and deepening simultaneously. This is a difficult task to achieve in the age in which you have chosen to incarnate. Even though it is a difficult time to achieve enlightenment in this age, it is also a time in which it can be done faster and more powerfully when attained.

There is an old saying that difficulty and opportunity are one and the same. That which is most difficult is presenting the greatest of opportunities for enlightenment —and so it is with this time period in which you find yourself.

Some of the other reasons why you have chosen for this to be the time [for enlightenment]is because there is more help and assistance coming to humanity and coming to the earth now than ever before in earth’s history; coming from other realms from other beings. There is more grace and mercy during this time than any other time before. It has been chosen for this to be a key pivotal time in earth’s history, and in human history for there to be a mass awakening to occur, a great awakening of humanity. Ultimately there is only so far one can go on your own without others as well.

Those who have left this plane and have left the earthly life serve as spiritual guides and guardians, some even serve as masters working with humans and with the earth. They understand that everything is interconnected and all of us are benefited, all of us even myself, are benefited by the upliftment and the enlightenment of all beings. Even I will be able to advance and evolve as more and more awaken. However, this is not my intention and my purpose in what it is that I do or why I serve.

This is a very important part of my message for you to realize: that even though enlightenment is what you have chosen for this lifetime and reaching that fullness of your awakening is possible for the human race, this is not the reason for going about what you need to do in your life. It should not be your motivation. The paradox is that when [enlightenment] is your motivation, and when you are motivated in that way, you are driven by self-desire and motivations for self fulfillment and that, in and of itself, is enough to keep you from it. Selflessness and selfless service instead needs to become the focus, the motivation behind things. A centeredness and grounding in your true Self enables you to do this without attachment and without giving away of your power.

Self-sacrifice and selfless service cannot be done if you are not centered and grounded in your Self. First you have to know your Self and be centered in your Self before you can be selfless in a true, honorable, noble and humble way. It is true humility that enlightenment brings. A sign of enlightenment is true humility. It can often be the ego that fools you and tricks you. It is often the ego that gives you a false illusion of self and this must be your focus first and foremost, to understand the ego and be able to discern the difference between your higher mind and your ego, to understand the difference between who you are at your essence, your core, what some would call the spirit or the soul. What I would call the Buddha nature, to understand the difference between that and the ego, to have clear discernment in that truth.

It begins with all the things that you learn, and those lessons begin with each step that you take and each choice that you make.”


    • Angela
    • April 2, 2022

    Thank you Avalokiteshvara your words are sublime pure gold words of the Buddha.

      • Trish Reilly
      • April 14, 2022

      I am so grateful to have found you dear Avalokiteshvara absolutely perfect timing.

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