The Story of An Angel

Story of an Angel“Give of yourself as the Angels do, and wonderful things will come to you.”
– Ramadan

The following is an Angelic Message that has been excerpted from a personal reading that was channeled in spoken word by Rev. Ana Jones. This message has been transcribed and edited into written word for the purpose of sharing it with a wider audience. All personal information has been removed leaving only the universal wisdom teachings that can apply to us all.

A Message from the Angel Sarah

Channeled by Ana Jones

I hear the sound of the children, the child inside of you, the children in your life and the children of this world. I hear them all as one voice. I hear their laughter I hear their tears.

It is I, the Angel named Sarah, that chooses to speak to you.

The reason why the small minute details of ones life purpose needs to come about through your own personal realization is because your truth needs to be fully empowered within you. The only truths that are fully empowered in you are the ones that you, yourself have come to realize through your life experience, through direct self-realization. All other truths that you carry with you as truth you have some doubt about on some level. You have many truths inside of you that you accept as truth but yet simultaneously it is not fully empowered because there are doubts or fears around those truths or lack of realization around those truths

There are ways that we angels get around these things, through telling stories, through helping you in ways that you are not aware of, through bringing you dreams, through continuously guiding and directing you in your path.

Let me tell you a story, a story about myself, why I was created, who I am.

The name Sarah is just a name. It is a name I have given to you because you have given to me. You gave it to me long ago because of what it means and because of the strength that it conjures up and creates inside of you. I am eternal as are you. There has never been a time in which we have not been together. I was created for the purpose of being in relationship, to manifest love throughout the universe through relationships, through my relationship with you. In manifesting love in that relationship and manifesting love in our lives, I fulfill that purpose.

I was created also to be the one who listens, who is a great listener. We share this in common as well. There is great power in my listening. It is often taken for granted because oftentimes people think of angels and their greatest gifts as what they have to give. My greatest gift is not always what I give to you, but my ability to receive, my ability to listen. This is the action I am most empowered at. The way in which I listen is different than just hearing something. I listen by allowing all of those energies, all of those vibrations, all of those sounds, all of those essences to move through my being and be transformed by each and every one of them so that when it is time for me to give, I know what to give, when to give and how to give it. Especially to the children of the world.

You are an eternal child of God, that child inside of you is eternal, never grows old, weary, can never be harmed, can never be burned by fire or wet by water. That child can still nonetheless through compassion and love, weep for the suffering of others and this is also what I do in my listening. I often shed cleansing tears so to speak, in an absence of a way to describe it to you, as it is an energy that comes off of me. It is for cleansing sake, it is for purification sake. I have this role to play. When it comes time for me to give something back, it is cleansing and purifying. This is what I call healing.


There is so much toxicity, unbelievable amounts of toxicity, physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual toxicity that is influencing the child within you and your ability to connect to that true child of God that you are. There is so much toxicity that is having a profound affect on the children of this world. No one is listening like I am listening.

One of the things that I will be doing to help you move into fulfilling your part of this purpose is to help you to listen more. You are afraid of listening the way that you have the potential to listen because of how sensitive you are. You have not yet learned that you can take all of that in as long as you are transmuting it and giving light back. You are afraid of it hurting you. I can tell you as your own toxicity clears, you become connected to your soul that infinite eternal child of God that you ultimately are, those fears will dissolve and be seen as what they really are: illusion! False Evidence Appearing Real.

So listening is the key, but not just listening to others, listening more to your Self. The time of deep self-exploration and transformation is now!

These levels of toxicity that I am speaking of that are happening on all levels of your being that are affecting you and each and every being on this planet, it needs to be decreased, especially in helping the children deal with this toxicity for they are being affected by it more than any other human beings.

It is a smaller list for me to describe to you the things that are not creating the toxicity in their lives. The most important thing is to not just eliminate all the toxins, but to actually change their consciousness, change the way they think, the way they see and view reality. This brings about true healing which is true transformation. It is not just about removing environmental or chemical toxins, even though those are a part of it, but empowering yourself, educating yourself so that you can then empower and educate them to deal with those emotional, mental and spiritual toxins that also are there, to transform many of them.

It may be easy to remove a chemical toxin from a food source that the children may be eating, but it requires much more in dealing with the emotional, mental, and spiritual toxins. It requires transformation and helping them to see more who they are and to think about themselves and this world in a way that is truly in harmony with a life in balance. Before you can do that for them, you must be there yourself.


Destiny has it’s timing. All things happen within a greater timing sequence that is predestined for a reason. Through your fears, through your resistances you could make choices to slow and delay that timing but not to remove that timing. Even with great resistance on your part, the ultimate timing in which the manifestation of your destiny will take place will occur. You have chosen it long before this life and you have ensured it with an accord between your will and God’s will. You chose that your destiny be fulfilled, knowing full well that you would go through all that you have gone through, and that you would most likely resist in the myriad of ways that you resist.

This is the good news and it is the bad news. It is the good news because you can have faith and trust that you simply need to move along the path as you are guided. Grow; cultivate that seed of life and creativity that is growing within you. It is the bad news because some part of you does not accept. What you don’t accept I cannot tell you, you must answer that for yourself. It is the bad news because if you don’t accept- even if you see your destiny manifest before you, if one does not accept it, you can choose to ignore it and something else entirely starts to occur.

For example there are people whose destiny has manifested right before their eyes again and again and again and they have not accepted it. I will leave you to imagine what that creates and what kind of life they live. There is always free will in everything. Even though I have described to you that your will and God’s will have co-created this destiny to unfold itself and it will, even in that moment of unfoldment, your will must be to accept it regardless of what it takes, regardless of your fears, regardless of your resistance, regardless of whether it is practical or not practical.

The time to start working on becoming more accepting and working on deep acceptance in your life is right now. You must walk in full acceptance.


My role with the children of this world is to ensure also that they know and are given the tools to deal with what they know. I help the children of the world know what they are fully getting themselves into, what condition of the world they are inheriting and that they are not left alone to deal with that. With each generation that comes, comes an entirely new opportunity for peace in this world. It is like a new slate, a brand new slate and the world can be created in any way through that generation. They start creating it, they start creating the world, the current present world and their future world through their thoughts and beliefs and the experiences that they have, through the things that enter their minds, through the images that they see. The things that they hear have profound affects on them, more so than what they see. The sounds and the words they hear have more of an affect on them than anything they see or experience.

Part of my role and your role is to give them the tools, to help them to hear, to help them to see, and to be in a way that is going to help them create the future that they really want. They must create the world as it is in their hearts, a world of purity, a world of peace, a world of love, a world of laughter, a world of joy, a world in balance and harmony. It is not just with people because how can you expect people to be in balance with each other when people are out of balance and harmony with all other living things on this planet.

It doesn’t start with balancing your relationships with each other and then you’ll balance your relationships with all other things on the planet, it’s the opposite. You can’t do it. You can’t balance your relationships with each other without balancing your relationship with this planet and the other beings on it. It is just the way the system is set up.

It is not that I am limiting reality through what I am saying, there are certain sacred, and natural laws that the universe works within that all life within this earth and the universe must function within. Just like there are laws within your society that you must function within. These laws are beyond that because they are laws that cannot be broken. You can attempt to break them, you can try to break them, you can do everything in your power to go against them, you can use your will to directly ignore and deny them, but then you only receive the repercussions of that.

The time is now and the time is to come, as there is time still to make all the changes and the transformation, not a lot of time, but time, enough time.

I have not said all that you want to hear, but I have said all that you need to hear, here and now, for this stage in the journey. Know my love is a constant source of illumination. It is always there and is unconditional, all encompassing, because the love of God is always there for you, with you, and in you. It is always there and never goes away, it is only you that stops seeing it and feeling it. Energy goes where attention flows and where intention flows. Redirect your energy back to that love and miracles will happen.


    • Penny Haulman
    • May 14, 2014

    Love Love Love the message. Wonderful and Beautiful. Thank you

    • carmen
    • May 3, 2015

    i m gratitude your messages, angel and gratitude your explanition,
    yes i do accept of things, and i have to learn more of accepteng,

    • August 23, 2016

    It resonates deeply within me, all that was said in such a loving and delicate yet profound manner. I thank all of our Angels and Arch Angel’s, Guides and Masters for their constant abilities to be there for us all❤?❤

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