TRUSTING EACH OTHER – A Message from Archangel Raphael

“During this day and age, you must open your heart more than ever to collaboration and cooperation, and most importantly….trust.

TRUSTING EACH OTHER - A Message from Archangel RaphaelTRUST is one of the most challenging things for you to heal in yourself at this time. Many of you believe ‘the victim’ that is within you. The inner victim within you believes that you have been hurt repeated times when you have opened your heart and trusted. What I can tell you is this: trust has not been the cause of the hurt and pain you have experienced. Trusting was NOT the mistake that you made, in any of the times that you have been hurt by anyone or anything, trusting was never the mistake, is never the mistake, and never will be a mistake. Trust is essential for every kind of deep connection, communion, cooperative, partnership, and collaboration in all of the dynamics of life. What causes the pain and the hurt that you have experienced is expectation, and the ATTACHMENT that your expectation creates and brings.

When you trust someone, you then create an expectation of how you think they should think, feel and act because you trust them. You are learning that every person can only be expected to think, feel and act according to their conditioning, and the choices that they are inclined by their nature to make. So when you trust someone, trust them completely to Be ALL Of Who They Are… this includes all of their faults and fascinations. All of their flaws and gifts. All of their shortcomings, and strengths. To trust someone is to know them for who they are….including their thoughts and ideas, conditionings and beliefs. This is why trust can take time to build, but throughout you must keep an open heart and an open mind to see clearly all that is there within each person without forming unrealistic expectations. Also let me make it clear, that trusting someone does not mean that you do not need to protect yourself, because protection is something that everyone needs, but the greatest protection is connection and transmutation, and this is something else entirely that you all are needing to learn more about.”

—Archangel Raphael
channeled by Rev. Ana Jones


    • Hollie
    • August 28, 2015


    • March 23, 2016

    Thank you Rev . Jones. So blessed to have read your post on F/B. The nurishment filled my soul.
    I hope to join all of you online tomorrow night. You have started me on my journey for me and my family.
    Light and Blessings to you.

    • Sandi
    • May 3, 2016

    I did exactly that.. I loved my husband who I excepted inspite of his past and abuse. I did not protect myself because I lost my loving eyes and In turn I lost myself. I thought I was doing right seeing everything through love but I guess I had a lot more learning to do.

      • Carroll laneulie
      • August 19, 2016

      I did a similar thing….and lost me….so much to understand in truth

    • Carroll laneulie
    • August 19, 2016

    I ha e so much to share about trust and attachment. How is this done? I don’t have a base at the moment I am travelling in the u.s. I would so like to connect with others who are o. A similar journey….so much to learn about our truth

    • Isabella Cipolla
    • November 6, 2017

    After years of vast abuse, challenges, missunderstanding the realities of Trust, and the victimization Ive felt, this message holds plausible meaning! ??

    • Antoinette
    • June 26, 2019

    I have very bad trust issues…this message really hit home for me. Thank you so much

    • Kulwant Hallan
    • November 15, 2019

    Wow! Kya baat, exactly! U’re perfectly right. I’m lucky and it’s my pleasure dear Ana Jones, really thankful for giving this opportunity ?❣️ to get the benefits from ur this group. No doubt it’s of six lectures hopefully will be quite useful. It’s my passion to learn the new concepts being in touch, and want to become a student for the whole of my life with His Grace. I’ll be a part of ur this group.
    Have a great day
    With warm and best regards!!!

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