Wealth In The Here and Now

Wealth in the Here and Now“Spiritual currency is gratitude, the more gratitude you have, the more grateful you are, the wealthier you are!”
– Archangel Uriel

Aloha Everyone!

In this post I am continuing to share with you messages that I have channeled from many Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters pertaining to our economy and the greater paradigm shift that is taking place. Posted below is a message from Archangel Uriel. This message has been excerpted from a personal reading that was channeled in spoken word and edited into written word with the intention of sharing it with a wider audience. All personal information has been removed leaving only the universal wisdom teachings that can apply to us all during these times of transformation.

In this message and many others I have channeled from the Angels, they directly address the important issue of our Economy, and share with us many universal themes that all of the Angels are attempting to teach us right now. The Angels continue to bring through messages to me on a daily basis, they are reassuring us not to act out of fear in these times of upheaval. They encourage us to be in gratitude and to be generous in these times in order to bring things back into balance once again.

I encourage you all to seek the guidance of the Angels, Guides, & Masters working with you in your life, as they can help to bring us certainty during these uncertain times. The subject of his message is one that is relevant to all of us. May the wisdom contained within this post help you on your own personal spiritual path.

Blessings of Love and Light
Rev. Ana Jones



“I bring to you today the divine white light that is the light associated with my energy and associated with my presence, offering to you once again the blessing of this light to guide you through these words, to guide your path, and every step that you take. It is the divine white light that is my gift to you and it is being received in many ways through these words as well as through an energy transmission, as well as through an energetic upgrade for lack of better terms…to put it in terms of which you can understand in your modern day society and technology. The Divine is giving you an energetic upgrade, upgrading your inner operating systems, re-creating your image of yourself, your ideas, your values, your principles, your truths. You are being upgraded on all levels of your being to the resonance of pure truth, of pure light.

I am the archangel Uriel, your friend and your companion.

The gratitude that fills your heart at this time, it is the fuel for your continued growth. Focus on it, let it grow bigger and greater as it is touching your heart deeply, it is expanding your heart. Gratitude is opening your heart up to more and more blessings that are meant to be given and received to you, through you and by you. Gratitude is like the currency for all in The Universe. Just like you have the currency of money that allows everything to be accessed by you in your current day, culture, and society, there is a currency in the spiritual world also. The spiritual currency is not a material thing. It has no material form. The spiritual currency is gratitude and the more gratitude you have, the more grateful you are… the wealthier you are! The more prosperous, abundant, and sustained in that abundance you are because it is the currency that brings you true wealth. Gratitude is the currency that opens up the access to everything that you are inviting, opening to, and welcoming into your life. Feel it, express it and let it be the currency that you base your daily life upon…. being grateful for all that you have and all that you are in the moment, here and now.

You are being asked to live in the now…to be fully present more than any time previously in this lifetime. Your financial situation is requiring this of you. The spiritual lessons that you are learning are requiring this of you. The lessons you are learning to develop and grow in the path that you are pursuing are requiring this of you.

Releasing of the fears for what might be, or what could be, fears for the future, fears that come from the past…releasing of those fears is an essential part of living in the present. In fact, allowing yourself to be fully present, coming into your presence in the now; being in your presence in the now is the way to dissolve those fears of the past and for the future.

Past, present and future truly are one. They are not the way that you think of them and that you perceive of them in your culture and society in this linear way. They all interconnect…the place where they interconnect is the now. That place of which the past, present and future interconnect and become one is the now and it is all there is.

Do not be afraid to make investments in yourself, your life path, and your life purpose, with the money you have saved for your future because the future is in the now. To save and to put aside money for specific goals and intentions; this is a wise and frugal thing to do, especially from the material standpoint. However, there is also this misconception that you must save for your future. The misconception lies in the thinking that the present, ‘the now’ is not the future. For indeed it is. And so it is, every moment.

This truth is what you are waking up to… learning that “in the now” everything that you think, say, do, feel, want, intend, and use your will for; has a ripple effect throughout all of time. Here in the now you set things into motion of what will be. Not just for tomorrow, but throughout the whole wheel of time, past, present, and future.

One of the reasons why you and so many others have not been ready to wake up to this is because of the responsibility that waking up to this truth brings. It brings a great level of responsibility! That you must be responsible for every thought, word, action, deed, feeling, intention, use of your will, and use of your creative power that was given to you through your free will. This does not mean that everything has to be serious, quite the contrary. It is a shifting out of everything being so serious and taken so seriously and into a lightening that is also happening in your life.

Accept the responsibility of living in the now and all of that which spiritual empowerment and spiritual enlightenment brings to you.

Accept the responsibilty with a light heart, with a grateful heart, with a lightness in your body, a smile on your face, a laughter in your voice.

Accept that responsibility for so many have resisted fully awakening and fully living in the now as an empowered co-creator of their reality because of the fear of this responsibility and because of the misjudgment that being responsible means that you will not have a joyful life, thinking that you cannot enjoy.

Oh, it is true, you will not enjoy things the same. It changes. Enjoyment becomes much, more fulfilling. This is what you are seeking…you are seeking fulfillment. There are lots of things that can be enjoyed without any long lasting fulfillment and those things, while they are important in different stages of one’s life…it is crucially important to seek the level of joy that you are seeking; that brings you the level of fulfillment that your soul desires.

Continue to seek relationships with people and organizations that are in alignment with you. However, know that no matter what, no matter where you go, no matter how much alignment there is; that there will still be negative energies, opposing forces, dark forces for lack of any better word to use for them. Not dark in the sense of no light but in the sense that the light is being obscured, the light is being shadowed or overshadowed, shadow forces maybe yet be an even better terminology to use to describe this to you. All energies and entities are ultimately of the light, in the light, attracted to the light and attracted by the light…all energies and all entities. This is an important lesson to learn and to always be aware of.

Yet, in this day and age, you will not be able to find any anyone or any place for which those shadow energies are not there, to some degree. Your own self included, because the shadow energies are also in you. You have a shadow just as everyone else does and the journey of enlightenment is the journey of taking all aspects that are within that shadow and returning it to the light. This is why it is called enlightenment. In the light…everything in and of that light nothing remaining in the shadow.

So the next step for you is to not judge another’s shadow but to look within your own and to do some of your own shadow work, knowing that this will be many, many layers as it is for every human being. There are layers to the shadow. The shadows that you carry. The shadows that you have created. You’ve all created them, you all have them, this shadow side, the shadow self. Look to excavate the shadow, transform it to enlightenment.

Many fear the shadow because they think that there are great, terrible things there. While indeed some of your least favorite things about yourself have been pressed into your shadow, oppressed and suppressed into the shadow; what I can tell you is that it is lined with gold in the sense that what mostly it is made up of are all of the greatest gifts, strengths, powers, talents, traits that you have, powers, abilities that you have. Not only as human beings but as multi-dimensional spiritual beings that have been oppressed there, hidden there. In some cases hidden there to be kept “safe” for that day in which it was “safe” to return the back to the light.

All of those thoughts, all of the feelings that create something to be pushed into the shadow, all the decisions that have been made that created something of the shadow are not based in the light of truth. But regardless, they are your reality and the reality of what you are experiencing needs to be honored but so does the truth. The truth is that everything there needs to be brought into the light.

As the shadow is being healed and transformed into it’s original light state, there is work to do in the world. There are actions to take, others to meet. You are where you are. You are here, now. Make the most out of where you are here and now.

Experience the fullness of each and every step of the journey, for you are forgetting that ‘life purpose’ is not about a destination. It’s not about a goal…someplace that you are meant to go to, get to and do while you are there as much as it is about the journey itself. Are there points of completion along the path…yes. There will be many points of completion along the path and with every completion; a new beginning. It is on the journey that the purpose of life is fulfilled.

The more self realized you are, the greater capacity you will have to serve with true respect and greater gratitude. The greater your gratitude, your spiritual currency, that currency will draw into your life a multitude of experiences for you to have financial security.

Remember that money is energy and there is an abundance of it; even in times in which it seems that there’s not. This is one of the mistakes that people are making right now in regards to the economic changes that are happening in your society.

Are there times in which the tides are high and the tides are low, yes. The tides are real. These energetic tides sweep through everything they don’t just affect the ocean; they also affect your emotions, they also affect your bodies. The energetic tides affect your monetary system which is an energy-based system like everything else.

Is this a time period of low tide? Yes, absolutely.

Is low tide worse than high tide? No it depends upon how you make it, what you make of it; what you do with it. It is no better and no worse than high tide. In fact, great loss can also occur at high tide just as great loss can occur at low tide; depending upon how you work with it, what you do with it. In this time of low tide for the economic energies; for the economic systems, your economic models are needing to be transformed which is ultimately the reason why it is happening in the first place. It is time for a major upgrade and transformation to all operating systems!

Stop being afraid and embrace what this time is about! Consciously choose to act and react. Consciously choose what you want and what you want to create for yourself. By doing so, you will create a whole new energetic reaction to this time which will shift the energy flow.

It is not possible for any of you at this time to change the current of the tide but it is possible and probable, and you have been given many blessings and abilities to do so, for you to live abundantly and prosperously within it. This does not necessarily mean extravagance, for abundance and prosperity in your modern day world has become synonymous with extravagance for many people and you know that this not necessarily the case. They are not synonymous with each other. In fact, simplicity and living simply; naturally and simply, and allowing things to grow naturally, simply, organically…this can bring great abundance and prosperity. This is an abundant way to live life.

However, do not let the choices that you are making to live simply and to simplify your life, to simplify your finances, make you think in term of lack or feel in terms of lack. For when you think and feel as if you are lacking, you will only manifest more lack for you are denying the truth… you are repressing the gratitude for the abundance which is there already…pushing it into the shadow.

Clear from your own shadow any disrespect that may be there and you will not attract it in the same way again. But this does not mean that the shadow will not be present in the organizations and in the people you will be working with in the future…it will. I guarantee it. However, you will attract differently, manifest and co-create differently, as that which is in your own shadow is brought to the light and you will be able to react differently. Thus, you will be able to be a more empowered agent of change.

When I say clear out any disrespect that’s in your own shadow, this means any way in which you currently disrespect yourself or any one else. Respect is foundational. Respect and cooperation are at the very foundation and cornerstones that all of the angels, all of us are always teaching about…the foundation to all that we do…the foundation to all that you can do with each other in your relationships.

Bring it all into the light.”

“You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.”
– Albert Einstein

“Money is energy. How you relate to it, whether you relate to it in fear or whether you relate to it in trust determines a great, great deal…. What you choose to consciously co-create can change everything!”
– Archangel Michael


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