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Meditation and Why Meditate?

Meditation is SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A PROCESS FOR QUIETING THE MIND!  While meditation has innumerable mental and physical benefits (see list below) it is so much more! Read More


Healing Ourselves, Our Communities and Our World

With courage and love in our hearts, we must transcend the fears we have, and allow the truth of who we are to emerge from the many diverse paths intricately interwoven within the web of life on Earth Read More


Embracing Nature

The task is to awaken from our illusion of separation and restore our wholeness through living in harmony with all beings and the whole of Nature itself. Simply put, to live holistically.  I find myself repeatedly being derailed, questioning ‘why Read More

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Healing the Inner Child

Healing Your Inner Child is some of the most important healing that all of us need to do. By Healing The Inner Child you can Remember Your Heart’s True Dream. This Audio Class (available in mp3 download and CD shipped to you) goes into Deep Read More


Soul Journeys – Guided Meditations for Connecting with Your Angels and Spirit Guides

Each Soul Journey guided meditation helps you communicate with your higher guidance for useful and practical insight into your daily life. Read More


Deep Relaxation Meditation

This guided relaxation can be used for Quieting the Mind, Centering the Emotions, Renewing the Body, and Reconnecting to Spirit. Read More

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Angelic Healing Reiki

Angelic Healing Reiki is a combination session of Reiki energy healing, medical intuition consulting, and clairaudient angelic communication where your personal Angels and Guides are invoked to aid you in whatever your personal healing intention is Read More


Energy Alchemy: Advanced Chakra Balancing & Healing

In this healing session she facilitates the healing/balancing process by reading and detecting the flow of energy in the body and in your energy anatomy. Then she integrates and applies ancient tried and true “energy medicines” which are known Read More


Medical Intuitive – Health Reading & Energy Assessments

Each medical intuitive session includes a reading and assessment of your body, your energy fields and your chakra system as well as other wellness information to help guide you on your journey of wellness. Read More