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Celestial Voice podcasts are live recordings of Angelic Message Transmissions received through Rev. Ana Jones. Each podcast includes a guided prayer, an invocation, meditation, and a profound angelic message containing timeless wisdom and Divine guidance which can greatly benefit all.

Celestial Voice Podcast 25

Celestial Voice Podcast 25 – Love – A Force for Change

Love is described in this message in a very unique way.
Love is an emotion we all experience, but it is also described here as a path, a way of life, a power we must all learn to master, and a force for change and co-creation during these unprecedented times.

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Ana Jones Podcast 24

Celestial Voice Podcast 24 – Courage – Using the Strength of Your Heart for Self Protection

Uplifting wisdom is shared on how to use the power within us to protect ourselves, and simultaneously keep our hearts open, through the stages and phases of transformation coming in the years ahead.

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Renewing Your Faith - In Yourself, In Each Other and In the World

Celestial Voice Podcast 23 – Renewing Your Faith – In Yourself, In Each Other and In the World

This podcast is a healing message that we all need, no matter who we are or what we believe in. It’s a message of spiritual healing for the polarized divisions within humanity right now.

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Holistic Peace

Celestial Voice Podcast 22 – Holistic Peace – The Way Forward for an Enriched Life & Whole New World

If you are looking for more peace in your life and/or want to see more peace in the world then this recording podcast is not to be missed!

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Celestial Voice Podcast 21 – A Call to Unite – Angelic Guidance for Shifting Into Unity Consciousness

In this special global message from Archangel Michael you will hear and deeply feel an impassioned plea for humanity to ‘unite in the light’ for the highest good of all.

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Divine Radiance - Forgiveness

Celestial Voice Podcast 20 – Divine Radiance – Restoring Your Light through The Power of Forgiveness

The Archangel Michael guides us to the next level in a process called ‘ The Golden Solar Light Activation.’ This process supports us in raising our energy and vibratory levels as we collectively move from a time of the dark night of the soul into Divine Radiance.

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Celestial Voice Podcast 19 – Cleansing Your Heart, Cleansing Your Mind

In this timeless message from Archangel Michael you will be given insights into and guidance on why and how to cleanse and purify your heart and your mind in order to thrive during this year of emergence and beyond.

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Being Empathically Present in Times of Transformation

Celestial Voice Podcast 18 – Being Empathically Present in Times of Transformation

In this live recording Archangel Michael delivers a global message transmission of wisdom on the subjects of Justice, Awareness, and Empathy.

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Emergence - Hope Springs Eternal

Celestial Voice Podcast 17 – Emergence – Hope Springs Eternal

In this live recording Archangel Michael delivers a global message transmission for humanity and  reveals a message of healing, virtue, and hope.

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Celestial Voice Podcast 16 – Rebirth, Regeneration, and Renewal – Manifesting Healing & Wholeness

You will learn about how the great virtues can be used as powers for co-creation for healing and wholeness to be restored in our lives and in our world.

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