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Answering The Call of Destiny

Celestial Voice Podcast 41 – Answering The Call of Destiny

Sit back, follow the guided invocation, and allow yourself be shifted and uplifted!

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Trusting Your Destiny

Celestial Voice Podcast 40 – Trusting Your Destiny – The Soul’s Eternal Grail Quest

Have you ever thought of yourself as an eternal spirit soul on a mythic grail quest? This episode while expand your thoughts about the soul’s mission, purpose, path and more.

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Sacredness of All Things

Celestial Voice Podcast 39 – The Sacredness of All Things

In this amazingly unique message from Archangel Michael you we hear new and thought provoking descriptions about how and why you are sacred

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Co-Creating A Culture of Love

Celestial Voice Podcast 38 – Co-Creating A Culture of Love

Profound teachings on why 9 billion people on Earth right now have all agreed to being here at the same time to fulfill a collective mission and destiny.

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The Love that Knows No Bounds

Celestial Voice Podcast 37 – The Love that Knows No Bounds – Fulfilling Your Personal and Collective Purpose

In this episode of the Celestial Voice podcast you will hear one of the most unique messages of love being delivered for our modern day world. Love that moves you to your core. Love that makes up every part of your being. Love that is all encompassing.

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Celestial Voice Podcast 36-UniversalLawofBalance

Celestial Voice Podcast 36 – Universal Law of Balance – Homeostasis of the Body, Mind, and Spirit

This message includes some new and mind blowing details on the Universal Laws spiritually  governing life in our Universe.

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Celestial Voice Podcast 3

Celestial Voice Podcast 35 – Acceptance, Temperance and Destiny : Following the Call of Your Heart

In this enlightening and illuminating message from Archangel Michael we are reminded of our collective human mission statement of love, essential for living a life that we love.

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All in Sacred Time Podcast 34

Celestial Voice Podcast 34 – Amplified Destiny

The deep teachings included in this podcast reveal that we have entered into a time of amplified destiny, and that encoded/seeded within you is everything you need to personally answer the inner calling of your soul.

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Manifesting Peace & Prosperity

Celestial Voice Podcast 33 – The Four Keys of Co-Creation : Manifesting Peace and Prosperity

Listening to this life changing message can help you learn how being in the Consciousness of Peace helps you to have a consciousness of prosperity.

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Celestial Voice Podcast 32 – True to Yourself – True to Your Word

This amazing episode of the Celestial Voice podcast helps you to receive revealed teachings on the deeper and expanded meaning of fidelity, and how in it’s essence it is about being true to oneself.

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